4 reasons you need a classic white shirt in your wardrobe

January 29, 2015

As versatile as the little black dress (LBD), here are four reasons why a classic white shirt should be a basic, but essential, staple in your wardrobe.

Style savants recommend having more than one white shirt for various occasions, especially if it’s a good look for you. Being selective and choosing the right style will add fuel to any wardrobe.

Top 4 reasons the classic white shirt is a must-have:

  1. Distinguished by its simplicity, versatility and enduring style.
  2. Sleeves can be worn long, buttoned at the cuff, or rolled up depending on your outfit.
  3. A white shirt runs the style gamut of fitted and tapered, oversized and fluid, or "menswear" inspired.
  4. The shirt buttons up to the collar for a straight-edge look.

Which style to choose?

Optimize your wardrobe by experimenting with all three styles (fitted, oversized, and menswear).

Most women need to choose a style appropriate for their body type. This requires an honest, objective look in the mirror.

Before you buy, consider:

  • The shape of your shoulders. They may be broad, square, round, sloping, narrow, high—or a combination of several traits.
  • Your bust size. Do you have a small or full chest? Would you like to enhance your curves or minimize them?
  • Your waist. Is your midsection clearly defined or non-existent? Is your belly a problem area you’d like to conceal?

These elements influence which style of white shirt looks best on you. You can play up narrow shoulders with a structured yoke. Choose menswear styles if your figure lacks definition, or emphasize your curves with a fitted shirt.

Caution: If the shoulder seam rests too high (on the inside of where your shoulder ends), the shirt is too small, and vice versa. Furthermore, if the horizontal dimension of the chest is too tight to flatter your curves, you need to change the cut or go up a size. A quality white shirt is worth tailoring if a larger size is too big.

How to wear the white shirt

  • The oversized white shirthas an airy feel and fluid movement. It looks best worn over a skirt (short or long), leggings, tight jeans and shorts. You can wear it untucked, with an open collar and with the sleeves worn long or rolled up.
  • The classic white shirtepitomizes a semi-formal tomboy style that looks perfect for the office. The collar can be buttoned or open, depending on how you accessorize it. Layered under a knit sweater and worn with faded jeans is a safe but pulled-together look. Simply rolling up the sleeves and adding a scarf creates a stylish effect.
  • A fitted white shirtlooks great layered under another piece of clothing, such as a leather or jean jacket. You can wear the shirt over a tank top or shift dress. A fitted white shirt is usually worn untucked, and can be heavily accessorized to look perfectly on point.

Whether for casual outings or business meetings, a classic white shirt adds versatility, functionality and elegant style to any wardrobe.

4 reasons you need a classic white shirt in your wardrobe
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