Learn the joys of shed renovation

When it comes time to renovate a shed, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Here's whereto start.

Learn the joys of shed renovation

First, you need to check your shed for any damage. This can include dents and general wear and tear, holes, broken doors, loose shelves, mold and many other things. Carefully check the shed inside and out. Start with the doors, because that's one of the most frequently used parts of the shed. Are the hinges broken or rusted? Is the lock still working? Is the wood on the doors rotting? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it's time to get renovating.

Now take a look outside the shed. Are the walls intact? Are any of the roof shingles falling out? Is the foundation caving in or tilting? Are there skunks or weasels digging holes under the shed? Well, hot dog, we might just have another renovation project on our hands!

Next, go check inside. Don't be afraid — just go right on in there. You're probably going to have to clear out all the junk you've accumulated over the years before you really get started. Once you've got it all out in the dumpster where it belongs, march right back into the shed. Are the shelves all intact? Are any of them rotting or loose? Are the wall hooks in good repair? Is the light still working?

If you've found any of those issues to be occurring, the solution is easy. Just go to the local hardware store and ask them for advise. Your shed will be fixed in no time.

Painting a shed

If the paint on your shed is chipping or fading, consider slapping a fresh coat of paint or two on there. Consider thinking outside the box about the colour. The days of ugly old brown and red sheds are gone. Maybe try a luxurious teal or a deep fuchsia. Let your mind's desire run wild.

Upgrading a shed

The last thing you might want to consider when renovating a shed is whether you want to install any upgrades. New shelves? An expansion for more tools? Follow your heart and soon enough, your shed will be the pride of your entire family.

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