8 fantastic health benefits of massage therapy for seniors

November 29, 2014

Massage therapy can help speed healing and potentially prevent illness in seniors. Here are eight health benefits of massage therapy for seniors to help revitalize and rejuvenate.

8 fantastic health benefits of massage therapy for seniors

Seniors and massage therapy

The majority of massage clients at spas and health centres are between the ages of 20 and 40. It’s a mystery why, after a certain age, we stop allowing ourselves to enjoy a little R&R.

Now, imagine being in your 70s or 80s: you notice your body is more fragile, you get bruised more easily and you’re more vulnerable to a fracture. Add to that your sense of modesty and restraint, not to mention living on a fixed income. Would a massage be your priority? Not likely!

These are some of the challenges older people face that prevents them from treating themselves to a well-deserved massage. It’s a shame because no one could reap the physical and emotional benefits quite as much as seniors.

Convincing reasons to go for it

Therapists specially trained in senior massage techniques know and understand the idiosyncrasies and characteristics of an aging body.

  • You can get a massage even if you have arthritis, osteoarthritis or rheumatism.
  • Specialized massage therapy can certainly help alleviate the symptoms and discomfort associated with these conditions.
  • Most massage therapists catering to the elderly are mobile and can visit residences, nursing homes or hospital rooms.
  • Some therapists specializing in geriatric massage apply an "adapted massage" approach, which means they also actively listen and provide moral support, often equally as important.
  • Massage therapists affiliated with a professional order or association can provide a receipt that will allow you to claim the amount on your insurance or deduct it from your taxes.
  • Many therapists offer discounted rates for seniors.

The eight health benefits of massage therapy

  1. Reduces stress, anxiety and feelings of depression
  2. Breaks the isolation
  3. Allows the client to get in tune with their body
  4. Promotes blood and lymph circulation, which is very beneficial
  5. Soothes the muscles and joints, increases flexibility and mobility
  6. Improves sleep quality
  7. Helps reduce aches and pain
  8. Helps strengthen the immune system

Looking for a specialized massage therapist?

A phone call to an association or professional order of massage therapists will get you all the information you need.

  • You can locate geriatric massage therapists who will visit you, a loved one, or elderly friend at home or in a local health centre. You can also ask if your doctor has any suggestions.

The only requirement is that you find a therapist who is a member of a recognized association.

  • This guarantees he or she has completed the necessary training and is unlikely to accidentally aggravate any existing physical conditions you may have.

Also, always consult your family doctor beforehand to get his or her thumbs up, especially if your have circulatory issues. Health comes first!

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