The morning of your wedding day: 5 key things to do

October 27, 2015

There are plenty of things you can set up beforehand the day of your wedding, like making appointments to get your hair and makeup done that morning, but you may be forgetting these five key tasks.

The morning of your wedding day: 5 key things to do

1. Have breakfast

  • You have a lot to think about and take care of on your wedding day.
  • You might feel too rushed and anxious to eat, but having a hearty breakfast will help give you the energy you need to get through the day. (This is especially true if you're planning to have a little celebratory champagne with your bridesmaids.)
  • So be sure to set some time aside to have a healthy breakfast before you dive into all your other tasks.

2. Find some time for yourself

This is a day that you want to remember forever, so if you find yourself getting caught up in a flurry of chaos, try to steal away for a few moments to be by yourself and recharge.

At the least, take enough time away to take a few deep breaths and remember the big picture of what is going on: you are starting a whole new life with the person you love.

3. Pack your bridal bag

Before you head out of the house, make sure to check your bridal bag so that you can be sure that you have everything that you need: shoes, accessories, hairbrush, sewing kit, perfume, makeup, wedding vows, etc.

This will help to keep you from having to make any emergency trips back to your house or hotel room.

4. Talk to the photographer

Professional photographers know how to catch great shots at a wedding, but it doesn't hurt to talk to your photographer to point out certain people or things you want to make sure are photographed.

Your photographer won't know exactly who your relatives or best friends are. So let your photographer know who's who, that way you can be sure to get the shots you want.

5. Pack for your honeymoon

If you're planning to leave the next day for your honeymoon, make sure you're packed for the trip ahead of time.

Packing ahead of time for your honeymoon could save you a lot of stress since you might not have time after the wedding or the next morning to get everything you need in order. So take a little time to get your bag packed for your honeymoon before your wedding day.

Keep these five tips in mind when you're preparing for your big day to help it go as smoothly as possible.

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