8 best flowers for wedding bouquets (and 3 to avoid)

February 6, 2014

8 best flowers for wedding bouquets (and 3 to avoid)

Matching bouquets with the bride's dress

There are many ways to compose a bouquet, but one fact remains: the bouquet must harmonize with the bride’s dress.

  • A plain dress stands out beside a magnificent bouquet, while a sumptuous and detailed dress is better served by a more discreet bouquet.
  • Round wedding bouquets are suitable for a romantic style dress, while cascading bouquets are better for a dress that features a long train.
  • The wedding theme can also be a source of inspiration. Don’t be afraid to integrate shells into wedding bouquets with a coastal theme, feathers for a retro wedding, and semi-precious stones and gilding for a glam wedding.
  • Bright-coloured flowers show off dark-haired brides with dark complexions. In turn, pastel-coloured bouquets are more suitable for brides with light-coloured eyes and blond or red hair.
  • Small women benefit from choosing a small bouquet; taller brides, a cascading bouquet; and plus-size brides should choose a larger bouquet.

The best flowers for wedding bouquets

  1. Red roses (to represent love)
  2. White roses (pure love)
  3. Tulips (perfect love)
  4. Carnations (sincere love)
  5. Lilies (purity)
  6. Azaleas (joy of loving)
  7. Nasturtium (passionate love)
  8. Hyacinths (faithfulness)

Flowers to avoid for wedding bouquets

  1. Yellow roses (infidelity and jealousy)
  2. Daffodils (coldness)
  3. Violets (secret love)

What matters most of all is for the wedding bouquet to match the bride’s personality.

Hiring a florist

An experienced florist is usually the best person to assist you in choosing the perfect wedding bouquet. To help ensure complete satisfaction, find a professional florist whose work impresses you.

  • Ask to see different arrangements that have been created by the shop, and ask for different suggestions for your wedding bouquets.
  • Ask questions freely, and remain firm on those points that are important to you.

A good florist will be able to guide you and bring out the best from your requests.

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