The newest trend: Women-only gyms

October 16, 2014

Women-only gyms were created to give women the opportunity to sweat as much as needed in complete privacy. Not having to worry about the dating scene allows you to concentrate on your fitness goals, at your own rhythm and without feeling intimidated. You can take comfort in knowing that strutting muscle-bound bodies aren’t the focus at a gym like this.

Customized activities

A recent CanadianFitnessand Lifestyle Research Institute report indicates that men, more than women, tend to be at least moderately active. That is why it’s important to provide women with the kinds of activities that interest them. Women-only gyms meet that need by offering a greater number of the classes that women tend to prefer, such as yoga, Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, and spinning.

Health and nutrition

Women-only gyms also go hand-in-hand with personalized nutrition services. Whatever your motivation—losing a few pounds or maintaining a healthy weight—there’s an array of programs for you to choose from. And again, you may be much less intimated about jumping on the scales in front of a woman than you would in front of a man.

A professional social network

In this era of social networking, the opportunities to create a sense of community in the real world are far and few between. Just as men have traditionally developed their contacts through softball house leagues and golf courses, women-only gyms now facilitate networking for women. Some fitness centres even organize juice-bar happy hours or healthy recipe contests with tastings and theme parties throughout the year.

Additional services

If you’re still not sold on women-only gyms, there are some other things that might win you over. Some centres offer:

  • Child care services
  • Beauty treatments and body waxing
  • Massage therapy/osteopathy
  • Saunas and tanning booths
  • Classes for pregnant women
  • Personalized programs for new moms

Get ready, get set, go!

Workout clothes on: check. Water bottle in hand: check. Towel around shoulders: check. It’s time get in shape in a fun and non-stressful environment.

The newest trend: Women-only gyms
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