The perfect finishing touch: trendy ankle jewellery as an accessory

November 24, 2014

For a night out on the town or as a fashionable wardrobe accent, ankle jewellery as an accessory is the perfect finishing touch. Here’s how to pull it off with style and class.
Jewellery for everyone

Ankle jewellery gives a perfect finishing touch to virtually every kind of clothing style. That's because it can be made from a wide range of materials, including leather, plastic, nylon, gold, silver or metal. It can be adorned with or without pendants; flexible or rigid; and on a chain or leather/fabric thong. There's something for every budget and occasion.

Much more than just decorative, ankle jewelleryhas its own special significance for the people around the world who wear it: it’s synonymous with good weather. And bare ankles are a sure sign that summer fun is afoot!

On which side should you wear ankle jewellery?

Some people give a particular meaning to which ankle a chain is worn on, believing it reveals your sexual orientation or marital status. However, what’s most important is that you wear your jewelleryon the side you like best.

A few facts about anklejewellery

  • It’s said that ankle chains were first worn during the Bronze Age in Europe, but they’re also believed to have originated in India. Traditionally, they were usually made of gold and silver. These days they usually come with a clasp for taking them on and off at will, although some jewelleryfor ankles is welded closed and worn permanently. Indian brides wear them on their wedding day.
  • The heaviest anklets are worn by women in the Indian state of Rajasthan. For them, it’s a symbol of membership in the tribal community.
  • In the past, Chinese children wore ankle jewelleryto ward off evil spirits.
  • In the Senufo community in West Africa, ankle bracelets were worn during initiation rites, festivals and funerals. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, they are considered to be choice finery.
  • In some cultures, the wearing of ankle jewellerywas more dubious and connected to prostitution.
  • In the West, ankle jewellery is often seen as alluring and seductive. Whether it’s fancy or simple, it adds a special touch to a dressy or casual look, and is a perfect complement to every ankle-revealing outfit.

A feminine touch

Jewellery stores stock a variety of styles of ankle jewellery, from unique designs to mass-produced versions set with semi-precious stones or charms. Whether it’s glam or bohemian, simple or elaborate, jewellery for ankles is sure to give any outfit a feminine and distinctive touch.

The perfect finishing touch: trendy ankle jewellery as an accessory
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