The pros and cons of long-term car rental

November 28, 2014

Wondering if long term car rental is a viable option for you? This list of pros and cons should help with your decision.

The pros and cons of long-term car rental

Renting a car instead of buying one can have a lot of advantages. If you don’t need to get around by car every day, buying your own car and paying for insurance, maintenance, and parking can be an unnecessary expense.

Renting a car means that you drive only when necessary. Visiting relatives out of town for a weekend? Going to a wedding? In that case, renting a car only for a day or two is ideal.

But what about those instances when you need a car for a few months at a time? Renting a car every day for that long gets expensive. Luckily, car rental services have come up with a solution: long-term car rental.

If you’ll be travelling to a different city for the summer, or driving to an out-of-town client for a few months, long-term car, truck, or van rental can be an ideal, economical choice.

The pros of long-term car rental

Public transportation can be inconvenient, expensive, and a hassle. Long-term car rental can be less expensive and more convenient than public transportation. Long-term car rental provides the convenience of a personal vehicle often at a lower cost.

Many car rental companies offer greater savings for a longer rental period. If you’re planning on driving for 30 days up to 11 months, you could save big on your car rental costs.

Another benefit of long-term car rental is freedom, because many companies offer no return or contract renewal required for the rental period – all monthly agreements are filled out and signed upon pick up.

Finally, long term car rental provides choice. You can pick the perfect car depending on your business or personal needs.

The cons of long-term car rental

When renting a car, it can be tempting to splurge on your dream car. Remember that although long term car rentals are more affordable than buying a car, you still have to pay for the fuel. That can be one way many people accidentally incur extra costs for themselves.

Though this isn't necessarily a drawback, as with any rental, be it a home or car, you’re not investing your money into something that you will eventually own. However, if buying a car isn't a great option for you, long-term car rental can be an ideal solution.

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