8 secrets for making cheap and cheerful flower arrangements

November 24, 2014

Beautiful flower arrangements don’t need to break the bank. Whether you go DIY or work with your florist, blooms on a budget can be yours.
Flowers and their arrangements can bring great beauty to life, whether on Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or other special occasions. On weddings alone, some couples can spend more than $10,000 on a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flower girl petals and altar arrangements, amongst other floral things.

But floral arrangements don’t have to be an expensive treat. The easiest way to find something affordable is to go to your local or online florist and give them a budget. They’ll usually be able to work within it to give you something that looks expensive in that range.

Here are some other ways to save money on flower arrangements:
1. Pick flowers in season
Choosing flowers in season can save you money. A spring bloom like a tulip can cost you many times more in the summer.
2. Dare to go cheap
Some flowers simply cost less than others, such as carnations, daisies and chrysanthemums. See what your florist can do with these. You might consider throwing a couple of nicer flowers in with the inexpensive blooms.
3. Keep it simple
If you are ordering a lot of flowers—for a wedding, for example—you can create a strong impression with a limited selection of blooms. You can also order them in bulk from an online wholesaler.
4. Make alternative arrangements
If you’re really set on a flower that is out of season or more expensive than you like, don’t be afraid to ask your florist for cheaper options with a similar look. They may really rise to the challenge and surprise you.
5. DIY
Yes, you can learn to do it yourself. If you lack confidence, take a free or inexpensive flower-arranging course, or investigate the fields of information blooming on the Internet. You could practice with flowers from your own garden, or those of a friend or neighbour. Many will be delighted to share their bounty.
6. Mix and match
Even if you do make your own arrangements, you can also go to your local flower shop and get a few special blooms to make each floral grouping come alive.
7. Go green
Try adding greenery like leaves and branches to bulk up your flower arrangements.
8. Be smooth as silk
If you opt for silk flowers instead of the real thing, you can often save money, have something you can reuse, and don’t need to worry about watering and wilting.

8 secrets for making cheap and cheerful flower arrangements
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