The 4 best-kept salon secrets for curly hair

November 18, 2013

Magnificent curls are not only bouncing down the red carpets; they’re also at the office and the grocery stores. A good hairdresser and a few tips can help keep your curls looking beautiful, no matter how humid it is outside.

The 4 best-kept salon secrets for curly hair

1. The cut

Curls require lots of care. So, first of all you have to find a hair salon with top professionals who know how to style textured and curly hair.

  • Good hairdressers know how to work with the natural texture, movement and growing patterns of curly hair.
  • They can give you a cut that tames your rebellious locks and gives balance to your overall look.
  • A stylish cut specifically designed for curly hair sets off curls to advantage, with the level of volume and dimension you want.

2. The style

Curly hair salons are used to seeing all kinds of curls. After giving you a great cut, the stylists there will know how to soften your facial features by framing your face with spirals or give you a dramatic look by sweeping the hair back away from the forehead.

  • They can show you how to wear your curls up in a bun or scrunch it for the messy look.
  • Stylists used to working with textured or curly hair can also relax and straighten your curls, with a blow-out and straightening iron or with chemical relaxers.

Make an appointment with your professional for more ideas and a perfect end result.

3. Styling products

When it comes time to style, it is crucial to use the right styling products. They not only give shape and gloss and keep the frizzies at bay, they also protect the hair from damage.

  • Styling products specifically designed for curly hair can make a big difference in defining the curls by smoothing the hair shafts; some are designed to last for up to 48 hours.
  • It’s a well-known fact that curly hair is generally drier, so be sure to give it an intensive moisturizing treatment on a weekly basis with a good quality product.

When in doubt, hair salons are a great source of advice.

  • They not only have access to a wide range of top quality products but they use them on a daily basis.
  • Thanks to their experience and skill, professional hairdressers at curly hair salons can make invaluable recommendations and guide their clients toward the right products.

4. Curls for straight hair

Perms are out, but people with straight hair who have absolutely no curl at all can still treat themselves to the luxury of a few curls.

  • A stylist can create bouncy volume with rollers and a blow-out or glossy pin curls with some styling lotion and a diffusion dryer.
  • With a bit of time and some hairspray, the pros at the curly hair salon can make even the finest hair curl for a little while!
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