The truth about the effects of tanning and acne

A popular skin care myth is that tanning will help clear up acne. Not only is that completely false, but the sun can actually have some pretty damaging effects on it. Read on to find out more about the effects of tanning on acne.

The truth about the effects of tanning and acne

Tanning doesn’t clear up acne

Some people believe that sun exposure will help clear up acne. The truth is that all a sun tan will do is hide your acne better. It appears less visible, simply because the pigmentation of the skin is darker, giving the illusion of less acne. In reality, there is no actual change to the state of the acne itself.

The sun makes acne worse

It’s actually harmful to believe in the myth of the sun’s healing powers when it comes to acne. While a deep bronzed glow can temporarily hide your acne, it will make it much worse long-term. The UV damage and dryness caused by the sun will exacerbate the acne, so don’t count on the sun’s harmful rays to help treat it. In addition, UV rays can lead to a host of other problems, the most dangerous being skin cancer. To get that bronzed effect, consider bronzing powder for a safer result.

Tanning creams can make acne worse

Unlike a natural suntan, tanning creams and sprays can actually make your acne and scars look even more prominent, especially if the product isn’t applied evenly. On top of the not-so-pleasant look, the ingredients in certain tanning products (especially ingredients that are not natural) can irritate your sensitive, acne-prone skin and cause even more breakouts.

Tanning isn’t a treatment

Even if you do decide to take your chances with the sun’s harmful UV rays to temporarily conceal your acne (which is not recommended), it’s important to remember this temporary fix is not a treatment. It’s merely a cosmetic fix and one that can be accomplished with foundation and bronzer with far less risk to your skin’s overall health. The sun does not have any healing powers that will treat the root of your problem.

The only way to treat acne is to use facial products recommended by your dermatologist, and even then, unfortunately, acne may never quite disappear completely. However, you can always turn to good makeup to help you cover up some of those imperfections.

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