The ultimate guide to planning your dream wedding

July 1, 2016

Finally: you said "yes" to the proposal. Congratulations! Now is the time to prepare for your wedding and make this event unforgettable — all within your budget.

The ultimate guide to planning your dream wedding

Plan ahead to reduce stress

The secret of successful wedding planning is to stay organized and realistic in terms of your goals and budget. Why? You’ll reduce the chances of stressful, unpleasant surprises.

Organize your own wedding

For many couples, planning a wedding is tons of fun, but it can also cause some tension. What’s the key for organizing a beautiful wedding? Communication.

  • Clearly define your roles and goals for planning the wedding.
  • Make sure to settle financial issues.

To avoid overspending, draft a table outlining your budget and expenditures in order to comfortably make this dream a reality.

Consult a wedding planner

Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be stressful. The ideal solution? Consult a wedding planner who will be ready to accommodate all your needs while adhering to your budget. They will also field any issues for you.

The timeline of your wedding

You should make certain reservations and decisions well in advance to ensure you get what you want. If you dream of a big wedding, don’t hesitate to start planning six to 12 months before the big day.

Six to nine months before your wedding:

Some important preparations you need to take care of:

Between three and six months before the big day:

At this stage, your dream is closer to coming to life. Here’s what to do :

One week before the wedding:

  • This is the ideal time to treat yourself to a mani-pedi.
  • Pick up your dresses.

The day of the wedding:

A wedding-day schedule will help you plan this serene day without a hitch.

Choice of wedding venue

Choose the wedding venue before anything else since it will largely determine other factors :

Outdoor wedding: Outdoor weddings are a popular option because of their friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The most crucial element is the weather.

Destination wedding: Fly to your dream destination and get married there! A perfect wedding package means a great getaway and an unforgettable honeymoon — all in one enchanting setting.

Formal wedding: Are you the classic type? If so, you’ll love a traditional formal wedding.

  • Most formal marriages take place in a church or other religious or cultural setting, with a large reception following the ceremony.

The hall sets the tone for your entire wedding reception, so it is important to make an informed choice.

  • Visit several and take certain factors into account before choosing your reception hall, including the cost of renting accessories and the rules for decorating the room.

Wedding invitations

Here’s a secret: Most guests are do not care about the couple’s wedding invitations. If you’re creative, now’s the time to let your imagination shine and craft your own invitations. Beyond their unique quality, you’ll save money.

  •  Before making your invitations, revisit your guestlist, and if possible, reduce it to cut costs.
  • Why not send beautiful electronic invitations?

Go online and get inspired by sample wedding invitations so you can customize your own.


Your outfit will depend heavily on the season and venue of your wedding. Your dress will not be the same for a winter wedding as it would be for one that takes place on a sunny beach. For men, sharp suits look great all year.

Wedding dress

Choose your dress months in advance to schedule at least two fittings and adjustments. It must of course be the dress of your dreams.

  • The secret to choosing the right dress is knowing what flatters your body type.
  • Opt for a comfortable dress that will allow you to move and dance.
  • Choose a dress that’s appropriate for the season. You don’t want to freeze in a summery gown during a winter wedding.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, move away from the standard snow-white hue and select from a stunning range of colours that pop.
  • On a tight budget? Purchase the fabric and entrust a tailor to create the dress of your dreams – from scratch!

After the wedding, what will you do with your wedding dress? One option that's becoming increasingly more popular is the phenomenon of wedding dress trashing, where you wear it in daring places. It makes for a great photoshoot.

Flowers and table arrangements

Flowers, whether part of a table arrangement or bouquet, contribute to a wedding’s romantic atmosphere.

Bridal bouquet


Did you know you could easily design your own table arrangements for your wedding?

For a traditional wedding, why not:

For a rustic wedding:

Peonies and hydrangeas in hues that match rosemary or olive branches could lend the wedding a romantic, rustic feel.

For a seasonal wedding, like summer, use warm colours like fuchsia or sunny yellow. For a fall wedding, choose colours representing foliage like dark reds and rusted oranges.

Wedding menu and drink options

A boring menu makes for a boring wedding! That's why it's so important your menu includes tons of variety while still respecting your budget.

Entertainment and photography ideas

Wedding photos

Instead of hiring a professional photographer for the event, leave disposable cameras on each table and let your guests capture special moments during the reception.

  • You can also invite your guests to take photos with their own cameras or smartphones.

Note that this option comes with risks:

  • You might be left with disappointing photos. The solution? Hire a photographer.
  • Socializing might take a backseat to everyone's eyes glued to their phones. In this case, you could choose to ban electronic items on your wedding day.

If your budget permits, choose a professional photographer for top-quality photos. For a fun treat for your guests, install a photobooth equipped with costumes for original and funny memories to look back on.

Entertaining activities

Dancing doesn't have to be the only form of enterrement. Get creative and incorporate a range of activities into your special day so all your guests can take part.

  • Play games on the grass, host a karaoke battle, or set up different creative stations where guests can, for example, fill out your unique guestbook.


Try not to leave your music choice for last-minute.


Beyond gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, don't forget to offer presents to your guests including but not limited to personalized flasks, gourmet food baskets, or a photo album.

  • For gifts for your guests, making them yourself lends a personalized touch.
  • Don't forget to write a little thank-you note to each guest after the wedding. If you do it as a couple, it will go by fast!

Organizing the wedding of your dreams could be stressful, but thanks to these ideas and words of advice, you'll be soon on your way to a memorable special day. Once you're married, a new world lies ahead of you. For a happy marriage, don't forget to communicate openly and to continuously try new experiences to preserve the flame.

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