The unexpected benefits of audiobooks for children

April 17, 2015

Audiobooks appeal to kids of all ages. They're funny, challenging and can provide an introduction to a lifelong love of reading. So what other benefits do audiobooks afford? Here are a few.

The unexpected benefits of audiobooks for children

When babies, toddlers or children play with an audiobook, they fall in love with reading. Initially seen as a toy or something fun and entertaining, audiobooks quickly become an educational tool. They're a great initiation to reading at any stage of development, but can be much more.

Benefits for babies

Audiobooks designed for babies emit sounds that are particularly stimulating.

  • When playing with sound stories, or reading a story accompanied by sound to support the narrative, a child’s understanding and attentiveness flourish.
  • It’s a fun and effortless way to develop all kinds of cognitive abilities.

Benefits for toddlers

Audiobooks continue to stimulate a toddler’s development by using more complex words and sentences.

  • Listening to a story while simultaneously watching the book will help them associate meaning to the images and the written words they see. It’s a big first step in learning to read.

Benefits for children

Audiobooks are an excellent approach to reading for older kids who don’t seem interested.

  • In fact, listening to books read aloud may inspire them to pick up active reading on their own.
  • They’re more likely to develop an affinity for the character development and adventures found in novels.

Benefits for everyone

Whether on the plane, train or a long road trip, audiobooks are a great way to keep the little tykes busy during vacation.

  • They also come in handy in waiting rooms and make the time pass more quickly.
  • Audiobooks are much more stimulating and educational than a video game or movie!
  • Furthermore, the sound production applied to audiobooks, as well as the stories read by professional narrators, is designed to stimulate the imagination.

Audiobooks are a source of wonder for children of all ages!


Some audiobooks may be too loud for babies
Given the background noise in stores and malls, we might not realize how noisy they really are before trying them out at home.

  • In the quiet space of a nursery, you may realize the sound is too much for small ears, and unfortunately there isn’t always a mechanism to adjust the volume.
  • This is an important consideration when buying audiobooks for little ones.

Audiobooks can be pricey
Another inconvenience is that audiobooks are sometimes a little expensive.

  • A money-saving solution is to borrow them from your local library, or just read a physical book out loud yourself to your children.
  • Once money is no longer an issue, there's no excuse for your child to miss out on a positive and educational experience.
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