The unexpected fun (and surprising value) of used toys

March 7, 2015

Toys can have more than one life and sometimes pre-played games are a great find. Read our expert advice to know what to look for and how to spot a terrific value.

The unexpected fun (and surprising value) of used toys

Find great value

While at first blush, the notion of second hand toys and games might not inspire a tonne of excitement, you’d be surprised how much entertainment and value you can get for your money.The advantage of purchasing pre-owned or pre-played games and toys is the high potential for savings.

You can find good condition games and toys from the most expensive brands at very affordable prices.Most retailers, shops and consignment stores selling pre-owned games and toys have an outstanding commitment to quality and safety.

Among the most coveted pre-owned and pre-played toys and games:

  • Action figures;
  • Dolls;
  • Building blocks;
  • Board games;
  • Books;
  • Multimedia (music, film, photography);
  • Lawn games and outdoor activities;
  • Sporting goods;
  • Educational games;
  • Video games;
  • Toys for babies and early-learning games for children.


Carefully check the condition of the game before you buy it.When buying games or blocks, for example, it’s important to ensure the set is complete and that all parts and pieces are included.Make sure the books you want have all their pages, and that action figures and dolls are accompanied by all their accessories.

The same goes for sporting goods: is the ball (i.e., basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, etc.) properly inflated and/or can it be inflated later?

What you need to know about...

Video games:The most significant value for your money applies to video games. You can enjoy huge discounts on a great number of recent, pre-played video game titles available at e-railers and electronics retailers.Electronics stores specialized in trading and selling new and used video games invest a lot of time ensuring the products they sell are in excellent or nearly new condition.You can also find used video game consoles and accessories in very good condition at bargain-basement prices.

Libraries, youth centres, charitable shops:You can find books and multimedia at libraries, community centres and thrift and charity shops in your neighbourhood. Local libraries provide free books, DVD's, documentaries, CD's, youth periodicals and audiobooks.

Community groups and non-profit organizations also have toys and games for sale at very low prices. Why not donate your own family’s used toys? The charitable organization, and as a result, those in need, will appreciate your generosity.

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