The world's scariest ski slopes

November 3, 2015

Skiing can be a huge adrenaline rush. Especially on challenging hills, you need to expertly adjust and pay attention to the snow, the slope and your body to make sure you get a clean run down the hill. Here are a few death-defying slopes.

The world's scariest ski slopes

The scariest ski slopes in the world for athletes to take on

  • Some skiers prefer to play it safe on the bunny hills, but with those with a penchant for downhill thrills, the best slopes to visit are Delirium Dive, Corbet's Couloir, Al's Run and Couloir Extreme.

These four ski slopes are definitely not for the faint of heart, but those brave enough to take them on will receive the ultimate in bragging rights.

Corbet's Couloir

Located at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming, Corbet's Couloir is named after instructor Barry Corbet.

  • After gazing upon the steep chute carved in the mountain face, he jokingly said, "Someday, somebody will ski that."

And indeed they have, as skiers from all over the world have flocked to Jackson Hole to take on the intimidating course.

  • The popular run features an entrance that is only ten feet wide and an initial drop of anywhere between ten and twenty feet, depending on snow cover.

Delirium Dive

Just how intense is Banff, Alberta's Delirium Dive?

  • Skiers are only allowed on the dangerous slope if they are equipped with avalanche transceivers, avalanche probes, shovels and capable partners.
  • The 40-degree average pitch makes Delirium Dive one of the steepest hills in the country.

More dangerous, however, is the risk of avalanche, which is extremely high at Banff's Sunshine Village.

Al's Run

The chairlift that transports skiers to the beginning of Al's Run at Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico spans the entire length of the course, so visitors can see what they are about to take on before potentially backing out.

  • The 1,800 vertical foot course punishes skiers with its colossal moguls. Al's Run is named after a friend of Taos Ski Valley founder Ernie Blake, who would ski the trail while using an oxygen tank.

Couloir Extreme

Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia is the largest ski resort in North America.

  • It is also home to Couloir Extreme, a 2,500 vertical foot run that should only be tackled by experienced skiers.

Each year, the resort hosts the Couloir Extreme Race, which attracts several of the world's best skiers.

  • With a 42 degree pitch, Couloir Extreme ensures that skiers will pick up plenty of speed as they carve their way down one of Canada's premiere skiing destinations.
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