3 things to consider before buying a refrigerator

One of those kitchen appliances that we just can't live without, a refrigerator is vital for keeping food fresh and safe to eat. Fridges today are bigger and more energy efficient than ever. This guide walks you through all the fridge-buying basics.

3 things to consider before buying a refrigerator

1. Refrigerator types

Fridge types are divided by size, function and layout. Here are some of the most common varieties:

Top freezer refrigerator: With the freezer located on the top, this refrigerator is a good choice if you pre-make and freeze your meals and need easy access to the freezer. Customizable and adjustable shelves can make the refrigerator a little more accessible, so you won't have to bend over to find food. They tend to be the least expensive type of fridge.

Bottom freezer refrigerator: Placing the freezer section on the bottom makes it easier to access items in the refrigerator section. The refrigerator section can feature a single door or French doors, which is a double-door design that lets you access one or the other side of the fridge or both sides as needed.

Side-by-side refrigerator: The freezer and fridge are adjacent to each other in this style of refrigerator, making it easy to reach items without having to constantly bend over. The sections are narrower than typical top or bottom style fridges and can't accommodate large or bulky containers or items.

Wine fridge: Wine fridges help keep your wine at an optimal temperature. They come in a variety of different styles.

Compact Refrigerator: Compact refrigerators are smaller, simpler fridges. Often called a beer or bar fridge, mini fridges are also great for dorm rooms.

2. Refrigerator features

Some fridges are available with extra features. Some options to consider before making your final decision on a fridge model would be:

  • Water and ice dispensers: Many fridges can be connected to your plumbing system so you can get cold water and ice whenever you want
  • Temperature zones: If you like your butter soft but your milk extra cold, you probably want multiple fridge temperature zones
  • Style: Fridges come in various styles and colours to suit your decor and preferences, from stainless steel to black, white or even red

3. Refrigerator factors

Size: Always go fridge shopping with exact measurements in mind. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect refrigerator, getting it home and realizing it won’t fit.

Door direction: If you’re buying a fridge with a standard door, make sure you can choose which way it swings open to better fit your kitchen.

Efficiency: Energy efficient refrigerators help save on power usage and may reduce your utility bills.

Balancing size with features is the key to finding a fridge that fits your budget. The layout and style will also have an impact on price and on how well it meets your needs. A little forethought and planning makes it easier to find the refrigerator that‘s the best match for your kitchen space and lifestyle.

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