3 reasons why eco-friendly jewellery is an excellent idea

December 10, 2014

Beautiful and affordable, eco-friendly jewellery is an excellent idea whose time has come. Here are three reasons why it continues to grow in popularity and why more people buy it.
It’s no longer a secret that the mining of gold, diamonds and other precious stones is harmful to the environment. So if we want to protect the Earth, should we all just stop buying necklaces, bracelets and earrings? Definitely not! Just buy jewellery made from natural materials and recycled or reclaimed metals.

1. You can have it custom-made

Grandma left you her jewels but they’re not really your style? Ask a jeweller if it’s possible to give them a make-over. You’ll be amazed by the results.

  • Even old bits of gold chain can be turned into beautiful, fashionable earrings. With eco-friendly jewellery, you’ll be the proud owner of some original and unique creations.

Find out about jewellerymade from recycled precious metals. These days, many jewellerystores sell this type of valuable eco-friendlyjewellery. Some well-known jewellers even make it a priority to use only recycled gold, silver, platinum or palladium to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

  • These recycled metals come fromother jewellery that has been melted and refined,the metallurgical industry andelectronic components.

Visit your local jewelleryartisans. You’ll love looking through their collections of eco-friendly jewellerythat’s not only exclusive, but great for all styles and budgets. Not to mention the pride you’ll have in wearing a creation made from CDs, utensils, buttons or all sorts of everyday objects.

2. It encourages fair and ethical trade

There are many reasons for you to buy your eco-friendly jewelleryfrom a jeweller that supports fair and ethical trade:

  • Fair trade standards ensure that workers are not exploited. They receive a fair wage and work in an environment where safety and cleanliness are optimal.
  • Jewellers who support fair trade are saying no to child labour. According to the International Labour Organization, one million children are forced to work in small-scale mines with little or no pay and at risk of their lives.
  • Any form of workplace or trade violence and corruption is condemned.
  • Ethical trade reinforces rigorous standards to reduce environmental impact.

3. Less waste is generated

  • A mine can generate up to 20 tons of waste just to make one small ring.
  • Chemicals such as mercury and cyanide are widely used in mining. These products pollute the air and water and destroy our planet’s biodiversity.
  • About 50,000 litres of water are needed to obtain 20 grams of gold.

Along with being beautiful and original, buying eco-friendly jewellery is a sensible choice and a great way to help our planet and the human race.

3 reasons why eco-friendly jewellery is an excellent idea
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