7 things to know about fashion-forward flowers

November 21, 2014

If you want a contemporary flower arrangement that garners praise and envy, you’ll need to tap into the latest floral fashions. Here's what you need to know.

7 things to know about fashion-forward flowers

1. Inspiration can come from the latest clothing fashion

When it comes to colours and even design ideas, the world of contemporary flower arrangement is often inspired by fashion. So to know what’s hip, check out women’s fashion magazines and go into trendy clothing retail stores. Just tell them you’re there for flower ideas. The sales reps will nod knowingly.

2. Old is new again

As the world changes at breakneck speed, we have a corresponding yearning for things from the past—and this influences today’s flower arrangements.

Nostalgia for 1950s and ’60s gardens has made popular again flowers that include peonies, hydrangeas, lilies, tulips, and roses. Think of your mother’s garden and its ornaments and you will discover a fashion forward look.

3. Exotic is trendy

If you don’t want to head down memory lane with your flower arrangements, then take heart. Picking a bouquet full of exotic flowers is also a trend. If you haven’t heard the flowers’ names before— protea and scabiosa pods, for example— then they’re probably “in” and you’re safe.

4. It's about more than just flowers

Contemporary flower arrangements usually add more than flowers to the mix. Fruits, berries, unusual grasses, herbs, and even vegetables keep popping up, especially in centrepieces and table displays.

5. Wearable flowers are in

Apparently, couples tying the knot aren’t satisfied with the usual floral bouquets and decorations. Many are incorporating real flowers into their actual wedding garments. Love blooms in mysterious ways.

6. Flowers are popping up in unexpected places

Besides seeing flowers incorporated in wedding clothes, blooms are appearing in other unexpected places. Giant floral backdrops can make a bold statement at the reception, for example.

Arrangements bobbing in the pool and hanging as floral chandeliers can also help kick up the festivities a notch and surprise tipsy guests who decide to take a dip or swing from the rafters.

7. Deep purple is hot

Wedding flowers are also seeing a lot of deep purples and monochromatic colour schemes. There’s been a switch from pastels and vibrant hues to deep, rich colours. Think strong, serious, and sensuous instead of light, delicate, and romantic.

If you can’t decide on the latest flower fashions yourself, seek the advice and designs of your local florist. They have an invested interest in being fashion forward.

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