Think beyond the traditional cake for your wedding day

Wedding cakes are a traditional part of a reception, but couples shouldn't feel confined to the traditional multi-tiered route. In reality, there are many ideas for wedding cakes that are both delicious and festive, and they can add a personal touch for the couple. If you want to get creative with your wedding cake, check out some ideas below.

Think beyond the traditional cake for your wedding day

Pie cake

  • Rather than getting a layered cake, try a wedding cake with layers made out of pie. You can use cake stands to layer pies one on top of another, and opt for pies whose layers complement one another.
  • A pie cake is a great budget-friendly choice and for those who aren't fans of traditional cake. Ice the pies to look more like wedding cake tiers.

Cake pops

  • Many bakeries sell cakes on a stick that resemble lollipops, and assembling a large bouquet of cake pops is a great replacement for a wedding cake.
  • Get enough pops made for every guest at your party, then assemble them in a flower pot with a Styrofoam base or a large rectangular piece of Styrofoam.
  • Decorate the cake pops in your favourite colours, or offer a variety of flavours so people can pick and choose.

Naked wedding cake

  • Rather than having a traditional multi-tiered cake, have an unfrosted cake. Instead, layer in between the tiers with fresh fruit and icing.
  • The result will be a cake that looks bountiful and delicious, but it won't have the same traditional fondant look like most wedding cakes.
  • You can also substitute chocolate pieces, cookie pieces and nuts in between layers instead of fruit.

Rice Krispie cake

  • A fun and gluten-free wedding cake option is to use large pieces of Rice Krispie treats as the layers.
  • Simply make several layers of Rice Krispie treats that are each a little smaller than the other, then stack them on top of one the other using buttercream frosting.
  • Cover the top layer with frosting, then decorate the top with the couple's name. To add some additional flavour to the cake, place fruit on the icing between the layers, or coat with chocolate shavings.
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