What gorgeous table decorations will grace your wedding reception?

November 14, 2014

What gorgeous table decorations will grace your wedding reception?
  • From linens to centrepieces, the elements of fabulous wedding reception decorations take inspiration from your wedding theme and venue.
  • Some venues pair perfectly with a rustic theme while others give off a classic atmosphere.
  • Here are three ideas to help you choose the best table decorations for your big day no matter where it's held.

1. Classic

  • A classic theme is synonymous with romance. Think of dancing the night away surrounded by soft lighting and delicate pink or white blooms. Start by choosing the linens and china for your reception tables.
  • White, ivory, or beige are perfect colours for table cloths and chair covers. If you don't prefer to cover the chairs, consider gold-accented or wooden models.
  • An elegant table setting, such as bone china, looks great for a classic theme.
  • Simple glass vases can be filled with romantic flowers such as roses, tulips, calla lilies, hydrangeas, or peonies. You can also place tea lights on tables to add to the ambiance.

2. Rustic

  • Rustic-themed weddings are rising in popularity. Couples are decking out barns and backyards for budget-friendly ceremonies and receptions.
  • There are many DIY decoration ideas that support a country feel. Start with burlap table runners for a simple old-fashioned setting.
  • Consider pairing together earthy tones, such as yellows and golds, pinks and tans, or burgundy and cinnamon.
  • For a DIY touch, up-cycle mason jars for centrepieces. Spray paint the jars a bold colour to complement your earthy colour scheme.
  • Colourful peonies or hydrangeas paired with rosemary or olive branches can also help create a rustic feel.

3. Seasonal

  • Let the season of your celebration inspire your theme and decorations.
  • Whether you're at the beach or in a backyard, summer weddings pair wonderfully with warm colours, such as fuchsia or sunny yellow.
  • Pale orange table linens make a statement with tropical flower centrepieces.
  • Spring wedding colours should reflect new life and blooming flowers, such as pairing pastel shades with bold hues to create a light and airy atmosphere.
  • You can bring autumn colours indoors with deep reds and burnt oranges for a fall wedding.
  • Small pumpkins can be used as candle holders or clear vases filled with acorns and tea lights.
  • Winter weddings can use silver and ice blues, or a pure white colour scheme. Vases can be filled with crystal beads and seasonal flowers, such as white camellia or snowdrops.
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