3 useful tips for organizing your grocery list

November 3, 2015

It's easy to scribble out your grocery list on any old scrap of paper, in whatever order comes to mind, but you'll wind up wasting lots of time. There are many more important things to be doing than spending your day wandering down aisle after aisle in the grocery story. Organizing your grocery list gives you the ability to get in and out of the store faster and with less hassle. Here are three ways to organize your list.

3 useful tips for organizing your grocery list

1. Organize by food group

  • This is perfect for the large family or party shop.
  • Section off your piece of paper for dry goods, meats, fruits, veggies, household supplies and miscellaneous items.
  • This way you can work your way down the list and get each food group all at once.
  • Instead of grabbing the broccoli and then remembering you need onions when you are getting paper towels, you can get everything you need in each section.

2. Organize by store layout

  • Knowing the layout of your grocery store is critical for efficient shopping.
  • After you have shopped at the same store two or three times, you should start to feel familiar with where foods are placed.
  • If you have a hard time remembering, snap a few pictures on your phone next time you go.
  • Or, if you remember things better by learning hands-on, sketch out a map of your grocery store.
  • Organize your list based on which aisles are beside each other, and where the frozen and produce section are positioned.
  • Remembering the layout of your grocery store gives you the opportunity to shop faster.

3. Organize by budget

  • If you are on a tight budget or just trying to cut back on grocery costs, organize your list by essentials, needs and then wants.
  • Essentials will be at the top of the list; these are the items you pick out first.
  • Pay attention to prices as you choose what items to buy. Gauge how much you have left as you move down to the non-essential foods.
  • Wants come last. These are the fun snacks and extra desserts for you or your kids to indulge. Keep these at the bottom of your list so you can buy the essentials first.
  • Organizing your grocery list is an easy, effective way to become an efficient grocery shopper.
  • Now you can get back to playing with the kids or preparing your latest work project instead of backtracking through aisles.


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