Three ways to cure cold feet

In the days and weeks leading up to your wedding, you may start to feel paralysis, anxiety and fear about the future. But pre-wedding jitters are actually quite common ― and they don't have to derail your big day. Here are three ways to deal with cold feet before the wedding.

Three ways to cure cold feet

1. Remember why you're getting married

Between expensive purchases, overwhelming guest lists, and questions about the future, it's no wonder some people on the verge of marriage get freaked out.

If you're feeling cold feet, take a step back and try to remember why you're getting married.

Perhaps you crave the community's recognition of your commitment.

Or, maybe you're ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Or you could even just be looking forward to a big party with family and friends.

No matter what your reason is, make sure the "whys" stay on top of your mind as you go through your final pre-wedding preparations.

2. Reconnect with your partner

In the busy times before a wedding, it can sometimes seem as if you have time to talk to everyone but your partner.

If you're starting to get cold feet, make spending time with your partner a priority. Even if it doesn't fit in with your wedding plans, find time to connect in a neutral, low-key environment. Then, instead of discussing your fears about the future, hold hands and talk about your hopes.

If you deflect attention from your fears and back onto your partner, you can refocus your nervous energy, using it to deepen your relationship.

3. Retool your expectations

When it comes to weddings, expectations run sky high.

Between pressure to look good, feel happy, and entertain family and friends, you may feel as if you've been given an impossible task. All this stress can worm its way into your view of the future, making you wonder whether you're ready to go through with the wedding.

To squash pre-wedding jitters for good, retool your expectations.

See whether there's a way to remove something from your schedule, delegate something to a helpful family member or friend, and look at the imperfections of yourself and your coming day in a humorous light.

Refresh your perspective

If you find yourself experiencing cold feet as your wedding gets closer and closer, keep these three tips in mind. Doing so can help you feel more relaxed at the altar.

You might also find yourself using your new, refreshed perspective on your wedding and marriage to have more down-to-earth expectations for you and your partner's future together.

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