Why fire bans help keep you and the forest out of harm's way

July 8, 2014

Nothing beats a crackling fire under the stars. But when it's dry and the danger of a forest fire is high, a ban is declared. But is the forest the only thing in harm's way?

Why fire bans help keep you and the forest out of harm's way

You would think that easy-to-carry camping stoves would take away the popularity of bonfires, wouldn’t you? No way! There’s nothing like a campfire for roasting marshmallows and evening sing-a-longs. After all, who wants to play the guitar around a camping stove? But before you invite your friends to spend some fun time around the fire pit, call town hall or the fire department to make sure there isn’t a fire ban in effect.

There's a good reason for fire bans

A fire ban announcement might make it seem like the powers that be are against good-natured revelling.

  • If it’s tempting to break the rules, just remember that the fire ban is in place for very good reasons: they motivated by environmental conditions and public safety matters; there is a high risk of fire, and/or there is a pollution watch in place.

Fires are not permitted everywhere

Municipalities and regions can restrict anyone from lighting a campfire for the following additional reasons:

  • Population or building density
  • Property sizes
  • Proximity of certain types of forests

Don't flaunt the law

If fire bans don’t apply in your region, you should still check and see if you need a permit. Some regions do require them. You certainly wouldn’t want a fine to burn into your budget!

Always supervise a campfire

Although you may be allowed to light a campfire in a park or a campground, never leave it without supervision, even if it was made in a pit intended for that purpose. To make sure you get some worry-free sleep, throw water on the embers before going to bed and double check that all smouldering coals are truly extinguished.

Campfires served for the longest time to feed and warm our ancestors, but today they’re more about entertainment. Friends, good music, and a decent fire are the ingredients for a successful evening of camping. Just make sure to respect fire bans—a hefty fine could send your whole evening up in smoke!

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