Tips for applying lip gloss

Some women shy away from lip gloss because they find it messy, too young for their face or are unsure how to apply it. Since lip gloss comes in an array of colours, most women have a few to rotate with different lipsticks. Follow these lip gloss tips and you too can master the art of applying it.

Tips for applying lip gloss

Choose the right lip gloss

First, pick a colour. If you’re planning to wear lip-gloss alone, you want a colour that is a few shades darker than your natural lip tone.

  • Fair-skinned: light shades of pink and beige
  • Medium skin tones: rose, mauve and berry
  • Dark-skinned: plum, chocolate and red

Exfoliate your lips

  • You need to create a good base for your lip gloss by getting rid of any dead and flaky skin cells. Before applying makeup, use your toothbrush or a clean washcloth to gently scrub the lips for about 15 to 20 seconds.
  • This is a good thing to do every day, try to make it part of your regular morning routine.
  • When you’re done exfoliating, apply a thin layer of lip conditioner or nourishing lip balm. Let it soak in while you apply the rest of your makeup.

Applying over lipstick

  • When you’re ready to apply lipstick, blot your lips to remove any remaining lip balm or wetness. Trace the natural edge of your lips with a lip pencil in a shade close to your lipstick.
  • Gently fill in colour and smudge across lips with a lip brush.
  • Apply your lipstick starting from the centre and tracing outward to each corner. Use the lip brush to spread colour so that it meets the edges where you’ve applied the liner. Now you’re ready to gloss!
  • Using your lipstick brush, dab gloss in the middle of each lip and blend outward.
  • While the lip gloss comes with an applicator, use a lip brush to avoid mixing colours with your lipstick. Focus most of the gloss in the centre. Press lips together gently.

Applying alone

  • Even if you’re using a clear gloss, it’s a good idea to line and fill your lips with a lip pencil first.
  • Choose a nude shade or one close to the colour of your lips. It will add more lasting power and give the gloss something to hold onto. Apply the liner and gloss as detailed above.

Did you know you can use gloss to create your very own lip shade? Just blend your favourite eyeshadow powder with a small amount of clear gloss. Now you have your own custom gloss!

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