Tips for booking a hotel with air conditioning

December 22, 2014

You may assume it's a given but not all hotel rooms are equipped with air conditioning units. Here are a few tips to make sure you don't wind up stuck in a stuffy room.

Tips for booking a hotel with air conditioning

Research online

These days, most people look around online before booking. Comparing positive and negative comments on review sites, checking YouTube for footage of the hotel, and looking through images on photo-sharing sites can help you get a better sense of what amenities the hotel offers for your budget. Your best bet is to look for those hotels with a higher volume of reviews and read through them for an average opinion. What might not be acceptable to some might be perfectly fine for you, so do your homework before choosing.

AC free

Some hotels simply do not have air conditioning. In some countries the temperature drops to comfortable levels at night, so opened windows are more commonly used to cool your room. You can usually filter listings (or do a sub-search) to only find hotels that offer AC.

Some restrictions apply

Just because a hotel has air conditioning, it doesn't mean it will meet your AC needs. Some hotels blast the air conditioning at all times, meaning your room will be too cold to be comfortable. Other hotels might have the AC on a timer, set to kick in only between certain hours. If you're not in your room during this time, you might not receive the benefit of the cooler air, and the room might heat up uncomfortably once you return to it if the AC is off.

Find out who controls the AC

If controlling the level of air conditioning is a deal breaker for you, then in an ideal situation, you are able to book a hotel with individually controlled air conditioning units. Sometimes these are in-window units, sometimes they have a thermostat type of set up that controls a wall mounted unit.

The best way to be sure before booking is to not make assumptions. Filter your results for air conditioning, look for hotels that offer individually controlled units, and contact the hotels to confirm. If your comfort is that important, sending off a few emails will help you ensure you know what you can expect before arriving.

Cool off, then book

Travelling is an adventure that broadens horizons. However, if you require a certain level of comfort in order to fully experience new situations, you should to do a bit of research to find a hotel that meets your needs. By following a few tips for booking a hotel with air conditioning, you should be able to get the room you need with the comfort level you want.

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