Tips for buying a snowblower so you can finally enjoy winter

December 22, 2014

Have you dreamed of owning a snowblower all these years? Why not allow yourself the pleasure of clearing your driveway without feeling exhausted?

There are several types of snowblowers on the market whose characteristics meet a whole variety of needs. So, before buying the first model you see, take a little time to learn about all the different alternatives.

  • The electric snow shovel

If you want to strike a balance between a shovel and a large snowblower, the electric shovel may be just what you need. It requires no lifting whatsoever, which makes this lightweight and economical shovel perfect for removing the light snow that accumulates on paths, porches, patios and entranceways. It works best on smooth, flat surfaces and you should avoid using it on gravel or unpaved surfaces.

  • The electric snowblower

An electric snowblower will make you happy if you have to get rid of light to moderate snow on paths, entranceways, your front porch or your wooden deck. It is light, environmentally friendly, quiet and economical.

However, don’t forget that it has an electrical cord and that you may need an extension cord to clear the snow from your entire target area. This type of snowblower requires little maintenance and pollutes less than a gasoline blower. As well, it works best on paved and smooth surfaces.

  • The single-stage gas snowblower

If you need a solid snowblower to remove heavy snow, a single-stage gas machine may be just the thing for you. Its power and wide wheelbase removes the snow from paths and small or medium-sized driveways.

  • The two-stage gas snowblower

Are you dreaming of an ultra powerful snowblower with a very wide wheel base that’s capable of eliminating heavy snow and ice? Then look no further as the two-stage gas snowblower is what you need. It allows you to clear the snow from your walkways and from medium and large driveways of all types. Its only downside: its higher price and regular maintenance requirements.

A few safety tips

Here are a few safety guidelines for using your new snowblower:

  • Before starting the snowblower, make sure the area is clear of all objects
  • Turn off the engine when you need to move around the area without the blower
  • Never leave the snowblower unattended with the key in the ignition
  • Never use your hands to clear the discharge chute
  • Before unblocking the chute, stop the engine and wait for all moving parts to stop
  • Disconnect the spark plug cord before cleaning and inspecting the snowblower
  • Make sure the safety features work well and are intact
  • Before using the snowblower, make sure there is no ice on the augur that will prevent it from turning
  • Keep children and pets away
  • Dress properly and make sure your boots give you a firm grip on the ground
  • On a slope, always clear the snow from top to bottom
  • Allow the engine to cool before storing the snowblower and never store it in the house

You’re now ready to purchase your new snowblower and to use it safely. Removing snow will no longer be such a chore — it’ll seem like child’s play.

Tips for buying a snowblower so you can finally enjoy winter
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