Tips for buying an electric shaver

December 26, 2014

These days you don’t need a straight razor to get that clean-shaven look. Electric shavers for men are designed with the technology and features to achieve a close shave quickly and comfortably every time.

Tips for buying an electric shaver

Types of electric shavers

Electric shavers are available in two major types:

Foil shaver
Foil shavers have a thin metal guard called the foil that protects your face from the blades.

  • They offer a precise and close shave, so they’re ideal for men who are shaving every day and those with thinner hair.

Rotary shaver
Rotary shavers have three or four rotating circular blades that shave along the tricky contours of your face.

  • They generally require less maintenance than foil shavers and are best for those who sometimes let their facial hair grow out a bit and those with thicker and curlier hair.

Electric shaver features

Electric shavers offer special features for precision, comfort and safety.

  • Pop-up trimmer: Pop-up trimmers provide precision and power for trimming your beard and moustache.
  • Pivoting head: A pivoting head reduces your chance of missing a spot, especially along the curve of your neck.
  • Built-in moisturizer: A shaver with a built-in moisturizer offers a cool and refreshing shave with less irritation and is great for anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Slip-proof grip: A slip-proof grip is safe and comfortable to use.

Factors to consider when buying an electric shaver

Depending on your personal preferences, the following factors may impact the type of shaver that is best for you:

Smaller electric razors are better for getting those tricky areas around your face, while larger shavers can shave more hair with each stroke.

Comfortable shavers prevent wrist pain in the long run and are much easier to work with than others.

If you plan on shaving in the shower, consider waterproof shavers that can be safely submerged in water.

Power source
Electric shavers can be plug-in, rechargeable or battery powered.

  • Rechargeable and battery powered are ideal if you travel frequently, while plug-in shavers work if there’s a convenient power receptacle.


  • Waterproof razors are easy to clean with soap and water.
  • You may have to replace the blades once a month or more, depending on how often you shave.
  • Replace the shaver's head and guard about once a year.
  • Cleaning between uses will help you get the best shave every time and extend the life of your razor.
  • For an even less irritating shave, wet/dry electric shavers are built to handle a wet or dry shave so you can use water or shaving cream to protect your face from irritation.

Finding the right electric shaver helps you look good and feel great. Before your purchase, consider your facial sensitivity, where you'll be shaving and which features are best for you. Whether you're sculpting or eliminating your facial hair, there's a shaver out there with your name on it.

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