Helpful advice for picking the perfect necktie

January 13, 2015

A necktie can make or break an outfit. With the right design, a dapper tie can complement and even enhance your look.Here's some advice to help you pick the perfect necktie.
Before dashing out to your local haberdashery or menswear store, consider the selection of men's ties that are available—to help you find the one that suits you best. Here's what to consider:

Choosea length: Find a tie that will rest just at the belt line, unless you're going for a vintage look.

  • If you prefer larger knots, you'll need a longer tie.

Select a width: A standard tie is great for work and is three-and-a-quarter inches at its widest point. If you have a broader frame, you can go for extra width up to three-and-three-quarter inches.

  • A skinny tie is a fashionable choice for a night out or for a more slender frame. A skinny tie measuring two-and-a-half inches works well.

Decide on a color: Tie color should generally be darker than your shirt. A black tie is a wardrobe staple, since it's an elegant choice for formal occasions.

  • Think about how a tie will look with your current wardrobe. Consider wearing your suit jacket when you go shopping for a new tie.

Pick a material: A silk tie is great for formal events and works well in just about any scenario.

  • A cotton tie can make a great everyday tie, especially on warmer days. Polyester ties are resistant to stains and water, but can trap in scents like cologne.

Think about durability: Cheaper and thinner ties may not last as long as those featuring a solid construction. Fine silk ties should be always be smooth.

  • Your ties should have neat stitching and threading that won't fray or come apart over time.

Look at specialty ties: Different ties are less common, but can be elegant and will stand out in a crowd.

  • Bowties and ascots may have decreased in popularity, but they both symbolize high society and fashion.
  • The ascot is more likely to be found in European high-society events while the bow tie is worn internationally, often with a tuxedo at formal events.

Size up novelty ties: For the office and formal events, avoid wearing novelty ties. They may be inferior quality to other ties and make for thinner and less attractive knots.

  • The proper novelty tie can make for a fun addition to your outfit in the right situation, like on holidays or casual work days.

Consider tailoring: You can have a tie tailored to your personal specifications.

  • Don't be afraid to spend a few bucks to make a great tie even better!

With this advice you can find the perfect tie for almost any occasion. Take into account how formal or fashionable you want to look. A tie can bring an outfit together with a quiet elegance or make a bold statement about who you are, so choose carefully.

Helpful advice for picking the perfect necktie
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