Tips for choosing the right mattress, headboard and bed frame

June 30, 2015

Getting a proper night's sleep is key to good overall health. Unfortunately, it's something that few of us get. Here are some tips to help you choose the right mattress and headboard.

Tips for choosing the right mattress, headboard and bed frame

To lull yourself to sleep you need to make your bedroom a sensuous haven, adding all the accoutrements of comfort and serenity in a beautiful setting. Buy a new bed, mattress, and bedding and make sure that the individual components you choose work well together.

Choosing a mattress

Selecting the right mattress means not only finding one that's the right size, but also looking at the materials used and whether it fits your budget and needs. Here are the most popular mattress styles available right now.

  • Foam mattresses can offer a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, they also tend to be very soft, meaning they sometimes wear out faster and can cause back pain.
  • Gel mattresses are the newest developments in mattresses. They're similar to waterbeds for sleeping comfort, but much easier to care for. They are, however, on the pricey side.
  • Latex or high-density foam mattresses offer a high degree of sleeping comfort. They conform perfectly to your body and sleep position while minimizing pressure on your head, shoulders and hips. What's more, they're noise-free and if, you're sharing your bed, adjust to each individual.
  • Coil spring mattresses are extremely popular because of their durability. The hollow spaces between the springs allow for constant air circulation. The higher the quality, the better you sleep. Pocket spring mattresses are the most comfortable, because their elasticity is confined to individual springs; each spring is sewn into its own pocket, so it moves independently of the surrounding springs.

Choosing a headboard

True, not every bed has a headboard, but they can be the finishing touch to some bedrooms' decor.

  • Traditional solid wood is sturdy and attractive.
  • Particle board may be relatively inexpensive, but it's often not very stable. Also, many particle boards use toxic glues and binders that may affect the air quality in your bedroom.
  • Check that there's no particle board beneath upholstered headboards.
  • Metal beds can be a good investment; they're durable and stay pristine-looking longer than wooden beds.

All about slatted frames

Slatted frames offer some real advantages in terms of bed height and weight.

  • A roll-up slatted frame made of wooden slats joined together with synthetic straps is the most affordable solution.
  • Rigid slatted frames vary considerably, depending on whether or not the frame has been reinforced in vulnerable spots. Some models allow you to adjust the supports to suit your sleeping position.
  • Adjustable slatted frames let you adjust the height of the bed for your legs or head — an advantage if you want to watch TV or read in bed. Be aware that a well-made adjustable slat bed can easily cost a small fortune.
  • Futons sometimes come with simple adjustable wood frames.
  • Check the number of wooden slats to determine the quality of the frame.
  • Electric bed frames let you adjust the frame effortlessly with a remote control.
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