Tips to obtain a motorcycle license

November 3, 2015

Tips for obtaining a motorcycle license

In order to drive a motorcycle, you need to have an updated motorcycle license, which is different from the one you need to drive a car. Here are some tips that will help you obtain your motorcycle license.

Tips to obtain a motorcycle license

Study the motorcycle handbook

Motorcycle handbooks for your territory contain all the laws and regulations that are part of the licensing test. It's easy to download a copy of this handbook from your local motor vehicle agency's website. Study this guide thoroughly, not just so you can pass the test, but so you know the rules of the road and proper safety procedures. Driving a motorcycle can be dangerous if you're not aware of the local highway laws.

Apply for a motorcycle learner's permit

Most areas have different age requirements for getting a learner's permit or a license. A learner's permit allows you to drive under certain restricted circumstances so that you can get a little practice before obtaining a permanent license. The restrictions sometimes include driving with a licensed motorcyclist, only during certain times of day or in specified areas.

Practise makes perfect

There is usually a practise period for using your learner's permit before you sit for the licensing test. Use this time wisely! You can spend a few hours each day practising in various settings to get more familiar with your motorcycle and how it handles on the road. Take it slowly at first, and abide by all the traffic and safety laws to avoid putting yourself in danger.

Make sure your motorcycle passes the test

Your driving skills aren't the only things evaluated during the licensing test. Your bike has to be up to speed as well. Get your bike checked out before the drivering test. If something is wrong with it, such as a light being out or aftermarket parts not being fit for the road, you won't be allowed to use it for the test.

Riding a motorcycle can present certain dangers, so make sure you always wear the proper protective gear, whether you are just practising or have successfully obtained your motorcycle license.

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