Tips for planning a spa day for your bridesmaids

October 13, 2015

Planning a wedding can be stressful on the bride and her bridesmaids. Offering your bridesmaids a spa day is a great way to say thank you for everything they've done. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Tips for planning a spa day for your bridesmaids

1. Choose a suitable spa

Where should you choose to treat your bridesmaids for their spa day?

  • Most obviously, you'll want to pick a spa that is roomy, up to date, offers a wide range of services and fits your budget.
  • Next, look for a spa that is conveniently located. Although you may have bridesmaids who live out of town, the whole experience will be more pleasant if getting to the spa isn't a two-hour ordeal.

Although some brides might like to involve their bridesmaids in the choice of a spa, you could always opt to surprise them.

  • In such case tell your bridesmaids to set aside a whole day – but don't tell them where they are going. It 'll make the surprise even more exciting!

Only you'll know which is best for you and your bridesmaids: to bring them in on the "surprise" and help you decide upon a spa, or to trust that whatever place you choose, they'll be delighted.

2. Check out the services

Obviously, the range of services offered by a spa will play a big part in your decision.

  • Talk to the spa owner or manager about packages. Most spas will have a range of bridesmaid packages, ranging from half-day to full-day pampering.
  • Because most spas will be flexible about negotiating price and the range of services, discuss your plans with several spas before you decide.

When choosing a spa package, go for a range of services that fulfil your wish-list and meet your budget.

  • For example, if you can afford it, begin with a sauna, followed by a relaxing massage, then a facial and lounging time in a quiet room. Get the spa to arrange a healthy light lunch, maybe with a little bubbly. Then, once everyone is relaxed, beautiful and fed, add in a manicure and a pedicure.

3. Don't forget some presents

After the day is done find a cozy room with comfortable sofas where you can spend some time chatting with your bridesmaids, maybe over a glass or two of champagne. Then bring on the presents as a final surprise.

  • A monogrammed spa robe and slippers in a spa bridesmaid tote bag is the perfect way to end a perfect day. Add a spa gift certificate and everyone will be happy.
  • If gifts will put the cost of the day way beyond your budget, chances are your bridesmaids won't mind. Most important to them is spending time with you.

The final step? Post lots of pictures and get back to the business of wedding planning, refreshed and relaxed.

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