Tips for removing 8 types of carpet stains

If the carpet you love turns to a mess in a split second due to an accidental spill, one of these eight tips may restore your carpet quickly.

Tips for removing 8 types of carpet stains

1. Animal urine

  • Immediately blot excess with paper towels.
  • Soak with club soda.
  • Blot again.
  • Scrub with diluted carpet shampoo.

2. Blood

  • If fresh, blot with cold water (not hot).
  • If dried, cover with equal parts cold water and meat tenderizer.
  • Let set for 30 minutes.
  • Sponge off with cold water.

3. Chewing gum

  • Freeze with a plastic bag full of ice cubes.
  • Scrape off gum with a butter knife and blot with trichloroethylene (a dry-cleaning fluid available at drug and hardware stores).

4. Coffee, beer, and milk

  • Blot the excess with paper towels.
  • Scrub the area with a diluted carpet shampoo.
  • Cover with paper towels weighted down for two to three hours.

5. Fruit juices and soft drinks

  • Blot the excess and sponge with a solution of five grams (one teaspoon) of powdered laundry detergent and five millilitres (one teaspoon) of white vinegar dissolved in one litre (one quart) of warm water.

6. Grease, oil, lipstick, and butter

  • Blot excess with paper towels.
  • Sponge with dry-cleaning fluid, working from edges to centre.

7. Shoe polish, ink, and dried paint

  • Dab with paint remover.
  • If that fails, use dry-cleaning fluid.

8. Wax

  • Scrape off as much as possible, then place a brown paper bag over the area and run a warm — not hot — iron over it.
  • The bag will act as a blotter and absorb the wax.
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