7 tips for safely getting rid of a wasp nest in your wall

December 23, 2014

Use these tips to safely get a wasp nest out of your wall and put an end to that unsettling buzzing in your home.

7 tips for safely getting rid of a wasp nest in your wall

1. Spot the nest

Wasps like to live in crevices like holes found in the exterior of walls, small openings near your roof, above your garage or in your attic. You’ll notice wasps flying in and out of an opening. This is where the wasps have built their nest.

2. Don’t be a hero

Many wasps nests can house up to thousands of wasps. You don’t have to tackle this task alone. At any point, you can call for professional help.

3. Get the right tools

If you decide to deal with the problem without professional help, make sure you're prepared. Take a trip to your hardware store for the selection of insecticides that come in a spray, foam or powder. You should also purchase a trap to lure out wasps from the nest. The fewer wasps in the nest when you’re getting rid of it, the better. If you don’t have large garbage bags and caulking, purchase those too.

4. You can’t fly away

After you’ve purchased the right products and tools, go to the site of the nest. Do NOT climb on a ladder. If the nest is in a high place, there is a high likelihood a swarm of wasps will fly out of the nest, and you may fall off the ladder and risk serious injury.

5. Protect yourself from stings

Even if you are not allergic to wasp stings, they can be painful. Protect yourself from stings by covering up. Wear long pants, long-sleeve shirt, socks, protective eyewear and something to cover your face.

6. Be patient with the process

Once you’ve lured out some wasps with a trap, set up in front of the nest and seal up any entrances you see. This is so they can’t escape the pesticide. Next, drill a small hole into where the nest is located in the wall. Insert the insecticide you’ve purchased and seal up the hole. Repeat this process until all the wasps are taken care of.

7. Empty nest

Once you’re sure all the wasps have died out, determine the best way to remove the nest. If it’s hanging on the exterior of your wall, scrape it off and into a garbage bag. If it’s in the walls, you may have to do some more invasive removal, which may require some minor renovation after the fact.

Note: keep away if you’re allergic

An allergic reaction to a wasp sting can be a very serious. For many, you can book an allergy test to confirm it. If you know of anyone with this allergy, make sure they keep their distance.

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