Tips for watching homes with pet birds

November 3, 2015

House sitting for people comes with an array of challenges. In addition to taking care of a person's home or property, you must also care for any other pets in the home - including dogs, cats, fish and birds. If you are house sitting for a person with a pet bird, there are some helpful tips you should follow to ensure the bird stays happy and well and that you both have a good time.

Tips for watching homes with pet birds

1. Get the bird's veterinary information

Birds have vets just like dogs and cats, so before a homeowner leaves, get the vet info for a bird just in case of an unexpected emergency. You'll want to get the contact information for the vet like phone number, as well as an amount that can be spent at the vet for the bird should it need emergency care and the homeowner cannot be reached.

2. Learn about normal bird behaviour

You'll want to be familiar with how a bird should act and how it shouldn't, so you're aware if there's something wrong with the bird. So, ask about what type of bird you're watching, then study up online for regular bird behaviours for that type. Also, ask the pet owner if the bird has some special quirks so you're not alarmed by any odd behaviour that's actually normal.

3. Get all necessary feeding information

Birds need to be fed and given water regularly, so get written instructions for how to feed the pet bird. Learn the best way to take water in and out of the habitat, as well as the best way to refill food. Ask the pet owner to clearly label foods if there are multiple birds or if there are different foods given at different times of the day.

4. Learn the bird's rules

Some pet birds are given free rein to fly around a home or around a certain room, while others must be kept in cages. Ask the pet owner if the birds are free to fly or whether they should be kept in cages, so you keep life as normal as possible for pet birds.

Birds that are used to flying around will get stir crazy and unhappy if you keep them cooped up in a cage, and birds that must be kept in a cage might fly away and get lost if they're let out to fly. Also ask the pet owner about handling the bird and whether they can interact with humans or whether they get spooked and should be left alone.

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