Choose the right lingerie for your body type

November 3, 2015

Choose the right lingerie for your body type

Check out the following tips to help you choose the most attractive style of lingerie for your body shape.

Choose the right lingerie for your body type

Apple shape

An apple-shaped figure has a fuller bust line and midsection with narrower hips and thighs. If your body is apple-shaped, an empire-waist gown works well because it flows loosely over your body, drawing attention away from your middle. A baby-doll negligee is another flattering style for an apple-shaped body because it accentuates the bust line and camouflages the stomach. A kimono-style robe also provides the illusion of a smaller waist.

Rectangular shape

Women with rectangular figures are slim with modest curves. To create more dramatic curves, choose a form-fitting corset or bustier, since it will push up your bust line and cinch in your waist. A push-up bra can also accentuate your bust in the same kind of way. Boy shorts or a ruffled panty are flattering to a rectangular-shaped body with a narrow bottom.

If you're a rectangular-shaped woman with long legs, a garter belt is a perfect companion to a corset or bustier, because it accentuates the long-legged look while emphasizing your curves.

Pear shape

A pear-shaped body has a curvy waist and hips, with a modest bust line. A two-piece lingerie set that includes a lacy push-up bra and matching mini skirt is a great look for the pear-shaped figure. It shows off your narrow waist and accentuates the curve of your bust line. Choose a mini skirt with an A-line cut as it camouflages a wider bottom, and select lingerie that is form-fitting to flatter a slender midsection. Avoid wearing boy shorts because they create a wider appearance at your hips, thighs and bottom due to the horizontal cut.

Hourglass shape

A small waist with curvy bust and hips is an hourglass-shaped body. A corset or bustier is flattering because it draws attention to your naturally curvy figure. When wearing a baby-doll style negligee, select one that is see-through or opens at the front to draw attention to your narrow midsection and shapely bust and hips. To emphasize your curvy bust line, consider wearing a plunging neckline or halter-top teddy.

Women of all shapes and sizes look beautiful in lingerie. The secret to ideal lingerie selection is choosing the right style that emphasizes your best features.

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