Tips on evaluating care for aging parents

October 13, 2015

As the population ages, health care providers will be increasingly in need to care for the elderly. Finding the right care option calls for careful evaluation of a parent's unique needs. 

Tips on evaluating care for aging parents

1. Take independence into account

  • First, assess how independent your aging parents are. Are they capable of completing daily tasks on their own? Do they drive? Can they maintain their medicine regimen independently?
  • Consider their mobility as well. How well can your parents get around their house? Do they need assistance getting in and out of the home?
  • If your parents remain fairly independent, they might be capable of staying in their current residence with a home health aide. Other aging parents might require more hands-on and constant care, whether they need assistance moving around, feeding themselves, administering medications, or getting to doctors' appointments.

2. What are their health needs?

  • Health is another important deciding factor when it comes to evaluating care options for aging parents. Aging parents who remain in good health will need less intensive care than those in failing health.
  • Additionally, individuals reliant on medical equipment and devices or those on an extensive medication regimen will likely require additional in-home medical care.
  • If you are overwhelmed with the task of tending to your parents' health needs, you should find a care facility that can help you with this challenge.

3. Consider finances

  • Care for your ageing parents can be costly, depending on their unique needs and the type of care required. Naturally, a live-in facility, such as an assisted living facility or nursing home, will be costlier than intermittent in-home care. Shopping around for different care options can help you find one that suits your ageing parents' needs, as well as their finances.
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