Tips to entertain on a budget

November 3, 2015

Tips to entertain on a budget

Entertaining at home isn't always cheaper, but it certainly can be. Keeping your event low-cost is a matter of using ideas that impress your guests without breaking the bank.

Tips to entertain on a budget

Personalize it

Don't worry; you don't have to tailor to the interests and hobbies of every guest, but a bit of a personal touch goes a long way. If you know you're having a group over that is into fishing, incorporate some kind of net, fly-fishing hook or other themed element into a cocktail or dish. If you have a guest who is from a certain part of the world, make an appetizer that honours their background.

'Tis the season

Whatever the season may be, little touches like dishes reflecting that season or special occasion remind everyone to celebrate. For example, a dinner party can reflect the beautiful seasonal shift from summer to fall by displaying leaves and pine cones collected from outside. If someone is graduating, you can have a party with mocktails and cocktails so that people can toast the graduate.

Go local

People appreciate a party or dinner that supports a local artisan. Local beer and wine are always party favourites. You can also look into a small, local paper press to send post-party thank you notes. If the party is big enough, you can also use their paper products for place holders, escort cards or location signs.


People love parties where they can create something. The do-it-yourself movement is enjoyed by many, not just the super-crafty of the crowd. Have something that people can get creative with, like a chalkboard wall or a painting station. You could even have a DIY assembly line for food, similar to a buffet. This will allow people to pick and choose what they want to eat and how they want to season and assemble it on their plate. Try a make-your-own ice cream sundae stand where guests can satisfy their sweet tooth in whatever way they please.

Entertaining doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. These ideas should help you add some flair to the night without spending half your paycheck.

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