Tips to get beautiful hands with products you have at home

June 30, 2015

The skin on your hands is subject to similar aging processes as facial skin, but well-maintained hands can remain supple, move very gracefully and stay attractive.

Tips to get beautiful hands with products you have at home

Hands are always on display, so it pays to keep them beautiful. But it's not easy; every day your hands are exposed to the elements or harsh cleansers. Since they contain very little subcutaneous fatty tissue, hands are particularly sensitive and need conscientious care.

Protecting your hands

How hands are washed and dried, when to use creams and water temperature are critical.

  • Harsh soaps interfere with the skin's natural acid protection coating; a gentler and better choice is a mild, pH-neutral soap or a natural-base cleansing lotion.
  • Avoid washing your hands in water that is either too hot or too cold to keep skin from cracking and drying out. After every washing dry your hands thoroughly; don't forget the areas between your fingers.
  •  Apply a little moisturizing cream every time you wash your hands, and especially before going to bed. Be sure to rub cream on your cuticles.
  • Alternatively, use a fragrant, homemade oil of 15 millilitres (one tablespoon) of olive oil with two drops of chamomile or lavender oil. Avoid harsh soaps or toners with a high alcohol content, which remove not only the dirt and grease on your skin, but also your skin's natural oils. Opt instead for mild products that match your skin type.
  • When doing housework, use soft latex gloves to keep your hands dry and protect them from harsh detergents and household chemicals.

Self hand massage

  1.  Wash your hands, dry them, and apply a mild hand cream.
  2. Massage your palms with your thumbs in forceful, circular motions. Then turn your hands over and gently rub between the fingers with your thumbs.
  3. Splay your fingers, stretch them out completely, then relax them. Repeat several times.
  4. Use one hand to stroke each finger on the other hand from the tip to the wrist. Then shake out your hands.

Eliminating spots and odours

Our hands are always on display, making how they look and smell important. Follow these tips to keep them clean and odour-free.

  • Remove stubborn nicotine spots by rubbing them with a little lemon juice.
  • Use a paste of five millilitres (one teaspoon) of olive oil and five to ten millilitres (up to two teaspoons) of sugar to remove age spots.
  • Try a paste made from icing sugar and lemon juice.
  • Soak smelly hands in milk.
  • Rub your hands with moist salt or coffee grounds to remove the odor.
  • Before cutting onions or garlic, rub hands with a little olive oil to prevent absorbing the smell.
  • To keep your hands from developing spots, rub them with vinegar before cutting or coring fruit.

Tips for combatting sweaty hands

Sweaty hands are not uncommon. Luckily, there are many simple, natural solutions.

  • A fenugreek hand bath calms overactive sweat glands. Soak 175 millilitres (3/4 cup) of fenugreek seeds in one litre/quart of cold water for six hours, then strain. Bring to a boil and leave to cool. Bathe your hands in the liquid for 15 minutes twice daily.
  • Mix 15 millilitres (one tablespoon) of lemon juice and five millilitres (one teaspoon) of rubbing alcohol. Apply regularly (at least once a day) to combat sweaty hands.
  • Rub your hands with diluted cider vinegar (vinegar mixed with an equal amount of water) to reduce sweating. Apply three times a day.
  • Apply rubbing alcohol three times a day.
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