Tips to keep baked goods fresh

June 30, 2015

Whether made at home, brought by a guest or bought at a bakery or grocery store, reaching for a sweet (or savoury) baked treat only to find it stale is a let down. Here are some tips on keeping yours fresher for longer.

Tips to keep baked goods fresh

For soft cookies

The moisture from an apple will keep soft cookies soft. Just place the cookies in an airtight tin and put an apple slice (skin side down) on top before closing it. Replace the apple slice every two days if any resident cookie monsters haven't already polished off the contents.

For crisp cookies

Keep crisp cookies crisp by crumpling tissue paper (the kind popular as gift-wrap) and placing it in the bottom of the cookie jar. It will help absorb any moisture that seeps in.

If you don't have a proper cake plate

If you don't have a fancy cake plate with a glass dome, keep your cake fresh and the frosting intact by covering it with a large bowl turned upside down.

For cut layer cakes

Once you cut into a scrumptious three-layer cake, the exposed part of what's left gets stale quickly. Here's a way to slow drying. Place a slice of bread over the cut surface of the cake and hold it in place with a couple of toothpicks. As the bread dries out, the cake will stay moist for later enjoyment.

For cut pies

You've eaten two slices of a luscious peach pie and start to wrap it with plastic wrap. Not so fast! If you cover the pie first with an upside down paper plate or aluminum foil pie plate and then wrap it in plastic, the pie will have a little breathing room and stay fresh for a week or more.

For meringue pies

When storing the remains of a meringue pie in the fridge, how do you cover it without ruining the meringue? Rub a large piece of plastic wrap with a stick of butter, making sure it's greased completely. Fit it over the pie plate butter-side down. The next time you want a slice of pie, the wrap will peel off without sticking.

For sliced bread

To keep sliced bread fresh longer, just stick a small, fresh stalk of celery in the bag with the bread. Celery has a high water content but stays dry on the outside, so what better moisturizer could you find?

Nothing says happy like a handful of cookies or a slice of pie or cake, especially when it still tastes fresh after several days. Your family will be thrilled when these easy tips prolong the life — and overall deliciousness  — of their favourite baked goods.


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