4 hints for making heavenly barbecued chicken

November 3, 2015

Cooking chicken on the barbecue is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to prepare it. If you want moist, heavenly-good BBQ chicken, follow these four simple tips to keep meat juicy and flavourful.

4 hints for making heavenly barbecued chicken

1. Brine it

A trick for keeping chicken moist is to brine it beforehand.

  • To do this, soak the chicken in salty water overnight.
  • You can also add flavours to the brine — such as brown sugar or garlic powder — to give it added taste.
  • While you might think that brining would dry something out, in reality, it locks juices inside the meat so that when it cooks, it stays moist and flavourful.

2. Pound the meat

One of the worst mistakes a barbecuer can make is cooking different sized pieces at the same time.

  • After all, thin pieces of chicken will cook very quickly, while thicker ones will cook more slowly and may dry out on the inside while the outside will get charred.
  • To avoid this mistake, use a meat mallet to pound boneless chicken breasts to the same thickness.
  • This will ensure they all cook at the same speed.

3. Leave in the bones

A good strategy for keeping chicken moist when you barbecue it is to leave the bone in while it cooks.

  • Cooking the chicken bone-side down acts sort of like a natural roasting rack, protecting the meat from the harsh, drying heat of the grill.

4. Sauce it at the end

If you're adding a barbecue sauce to your chicken, make sure you don't put it on until you're done cooking.

  • Barbecue sauce is often very high in sugar, which means that it will burn quickly and char when exposed to heat from a grill.
  • You can use a lighter, non-sugar based marinade if you want, but save the thick, sugary stuff to the end to simply coat the chicken pieces.
  • Try adding the sauce to the meat on the grill at the end. Cover it for a minute or two to help the flavour soak in.


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