Tips to stay dry in the rain

June 30, 2015

You never want to be unprepared for a sudden downpour, but you really don't want to be caught in the rain during a long car trip on your way for a day of hiking. Follow these tips to stay as dry as possible, even if you're caught off guard.

Tips to stay dry in the rain

Damp umbrella holders

Hate toting around a wet umbrella? Make sure you always have a plastic grocery bag with you. Simply stuff the closed umbrella in the bag, roll it tightly like a sausage and stow it in your purse or pocket.

Plastic bag galoshes

Rain can really dampen your enthusiasm for walking or hiking — but you needn't let bad weather get in the way of your fun. Before pulling on your boots, wrap each foot in a plastic bag. Your feet will stay warm and dry all day, and you can put your wet footwear in one of the bags when it's time to pack and move on.

Wick water from wet shoes

To speed air-drying, stuff water-soaked shoes and boots with crumpled newspaper, which will wick out the moisture. Speed the drying even more by placing the shoes or boots on their sides, turning them over from time to time, and replacing the newspaper as it becomes damp.

A plastic bag or two won't take up much space in your purse or car trunk, and you'll be grateful to have one on hand when a rainy day seeps into your plans — and your shoes.

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