Tips to Survive the toddler years

November 3, 2015

Tips for surviving the toddler years

Patience and consistency are the keys to surviving the toddler years, which go by very quickly. Keep the following tips in mind when handling toddler issues.

Tips to Survive the toddler years

Toddlers are messy

Everything toddlers touch gets dirty. When dealing with toddlers, it's best just to remember to be patient and calm. Embrace the dirt and get used to cleaning up — a lot.

Pick your battles

Toddlers are busy and learn by exploring their surroundings. Don't make everything off limits for your toddler. If your child wants to pick out his or her own clothes, let him or her make that choice. Who will it hurt if the clothing doesn't match? If your child wants to help with dinner, allow him or her to stir the casserole. It won't taste any different, and he or she will feel happy to have helped. Relax and don't become stressed over minor problems, but set limits to keep your child safe.

Slow down

Kids of all ages make parents late, but toddlers are exceptionally slow. When young children decide to do something themselves, such as fix their hair or put on their tights, you know it's going to be a slow morning. Give yourself an extra half hour when you have to be out of the house on time, and be prepared to make an extra trip to the potty or fix a hairstyle that isn't quite right.

Accept that your things might be ruined

Toddlers constantly have accidents. Some involve a change of underwear, while others involve picking up broken pieces of your favourite vase. Just remember that if you don't want it ruined, put it out of sight.

Be patient

The toddler years are the perfect time to set boundaries. Boundaries cause tantrums, and toddlers are famous for their wonderful (and loud) tantrums. Tantrums often happen at the most inopportune times, but inevitably, one will happen. When it comes to handling a tantrum, the best approach is to ride it out. Eventually your child will notice that you are bored with the behaviour and will quiet down.

The toddler years are fun, but also very hectic. Keep your anger in check, stay calm, slow down and take it one day at a time to survive the terrible twos.

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