Top 10 Edmonton patios you can’t miss out on

By Jibril Yassin

With warm weather at a premium in our great city, there's no time to waste when it comes to staking out one of Edmonton's great patios. Here’s a roundup of the best ones worth visiting in the city, no matter the season. [Image credit:]

Top 10 Edmonton patios you can’t miss out on

Beer Revolution

You can find this bar in the newly christened Brewery District, a neighbourhood designation more than apt. Beer Revolution’s massive, dynamic menu of craft beer (24 taps!), not to mention a spacious but quaint patio, has proven a success in bringing people back again and again.


If you’re looking for an excellent slice of pizza to go with your coffee, you’re in good hands at Leva. This little Garneau gem is the neighbourhood cafe all grown up; their Instagram feed, dedicated to showcasing their fantastic drinks and menu staples, such as gelato, pastries and espresso, is #foodporn incarnate.


Offering fantastic pasta (often made from scratch) and a jovial atmosphere (including a back patio that’s sunnier more often than not) Chiantis is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the Strathcona shopping district.

Sugar Bowl

The self-proclaimed sweetest place in Edmonton, snagging a patio spot at this long-running popular food staple is something akin to winning a lottery. The Sugar Bowl’s unique menu items, such as chicken and waffles are only enhanced in the sunshine and warm weather.


This Irish Pub may be one of the best Whyte Ave spots to grab a pint or two and O’Byrne’s adjacent patio may be the reason for that – it’s right off the main avenue and secluded, but just big enough that group meetups are a thing of wonder here.

Julio’s Barrio

Arguably one of Whyte Ave’s premier destinations, Julio’s Barrio has proven to be a stellar spot for lounging at all hours. The expanded sidewalk patio makes it an absolute must for people watching, and the excellent selection of nachos and bulldogs certainly doesn't hurt.


A stunning example of “bigger is always better.” Stocked with more than 100 craft beers and a rooftop patio providing one of the city’s best views of the downtown region, Craft manages to exude homeliness in a spacious, modern environment – albeit one that happens to be 17,000 square feet wide.

Little Brick

Picturesque is the best way to describe this Riverdale cafe/general store and its cutesy cafe food menu. If Leva is the grown up neighbourhood cafe, Little Brick is its younger brother; quiet and unassuming but by no means lacking. With the patio being more akin to a backyard area, complete with fire pit and picnic tables, Little Brick is great for a casual lunch or a get-together that’s looking to get cozy.

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

Lounging at the Fairmont screams decadence; the back patio boasting a stunning view of lush river valley greens unlike any other. A great place to take out of towners, the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald is a champion among patios.

Kelly’s Pub

If you’ve ever spent a Saturday morning at the downtown farmers’ market, there’s a good chance you may have ended up here afterward. Modelled after an Irish pub, Kelly’s is a staple of the burgeoning 104 Street scene and their patio is the perfect meeting spot for anyone looking to plan out a thrilling day in the downtown core.

Let’s be real here: A lot of these places have the reputations they have for a reason. These are all fantastic Edmonton patios that strive towards crafting a fantastic dining/drinking atmosphere, enough to make them must-visits in any local’s book. What are you waiting for?

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