Top 10 reasons why warehouse storage is a smart idea

December 8, 2014

Warehouse storage isn’t only convenient for moving. It's also a practical way to clear out space when you need it. Here are thetop 10 reasons why warehouse storage is a smart idea.
Reason #1: You're between homes

By far, moving is the number one reason people rent warehouse storage. If you’re in a predicament, waiting to take possession of your new place and have to put your family up in a hotel in the meantime, temporary storage is the only solution.

  • Let’s try another scenario: one of your children suddenly returns home to live with you and you need to clear a little space to make them feel at home.

Reason #2: Following a loss

Accidents, floods, and fire are unfortunate situations that require you to sort through your belongings and set aside whatever you can salvage for repair.

  • A portable container can be delivered directly to your home for greater convenience during an already stressful time.

Reason #3: Preparing for a yard sale

Did spring cleaning come early this year? It’s always a good idea to sift through toys, clothing, books, furniture and other household items you no longer need or that must be replaced.

  • Storing these items will free up space in your home or garage until the temperature is mild enough for a yard sale.

Reason #4: Renovations

Avoid things being turned upside completely by storing anything that gets in the way or hinders the progress of work.

  • Not only a space saver, warehouse storage may also help you avoid marital tension, plus it will protect your property from accidental damage.

Reason #5: Items take up too much space

Coin collecting won’t be an issue. But if you love to collect beautiful antiques, it's a good idea to look into long-term warehousing.

  • By the same token, you can also store seasonal sports equipment, such as windsurfing equipment, golf clubs, bicycles and more.

Reason #6: Home staging

When putting a property up for sale, more and more people are giving their homes a temporary makeover.

  • Warehousing allows you to temporarily store furniture and other surplus goods, and minimize clutter during a showing.

Reason #7: Divorce and separation

During this transition, you may need to store personal belongings and furniture while you wait to get settled into your new home.

  • Safely securing your belongings means one less thing to worry about.

Reason #8: Self-employed and working at home

Working from home has many advantages. However, if your job is to repair second-hand items or restore antiques before re-selling them, it’ll take more than a closet or shed to accommodate the stock.

  • Overflow or overstock materials need not be constantly underfoot, especially if your workspace is limited.

Reason #9: Seasonal furniture

Store garden furniture, sun loungers, mosquito netting, lawn mowers and other summer items in a warehouse to protect them from the winter elements.

  • Having seasonal furniture and summer items in a warehouse means they'll be clean, dry and ready to go in spring.

Reason #10: Death of a loved one

Emptying an estate following the death of a loved one is an extraordinarily difficult task. This is especially true if the person doing the job is preoccupied by so many thoughts and difficult emotions.

  • The option of warehousing the contents of an estate for a month or two can be a tremendous relief.

Whatever the reason for needing to store your possessions, warehouse storage is a practical and smart idea to consider.

Top 10 reasons why warehouse storage is a smart idea
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