Top 3 DIY projects with wooden pallets

November 3, 2015

Every day, people throw their old wooden pallets in the garbage, simply because they're unaware of what they can make with them. Wooden pallets are one of the best reusable items available because they can be made into so many great items. These are three of the most popular wooden pallets DIY project ideas.

Top 3 DIY projects with wooden pallets

Create a wooden coffee table

For this project, you'll need two wooden pallets, nails, hammer, sandpaper, paint and a couple 4x4s.

  1. Pull apart one of the wooden pallets and use the slabs to fill in gaps of the other pallet.
  2. Nail each of the slabs into the main pallet, which will be the basis of the coffee table.
  3. Cut yourself four legs from the 4x4s. The size will depend on how tall you want your coffee table to be.
  4. Nail one leg into each corner of the table.
  5. Sand down the wood with 220 grit sand paper.
  6. Paint the table any colour you wish.

How to make a sturdy bench

The bench idea is similar to the table, but you use smaller pieces of wood. You'll need two wooden pallets, a rotating brush, nails, a hammer, saw and washing materials.

  1. Wash the wooden pallets and sand them down until smooth.
  2. Cut away 1/3 of the first wooden pallet to use as the bench seating.
  3. Cut the remaining piece of wood in half; this will be used as the underside stability board.
  4. Cut the last plank into 30 centimetres by 30 centimetres pieces. You'll need four total, which you'll attach to each corner to hold the bench up.
  5. Attach the 30 centimetres by 30 centimetres piece of wood to the underside of the larger cut piece. Then attach the four pieces of wood to each corner of benches underside; these will serve as the legs.
  6. Add any finishing touches you'd like to personalize your bench

Save money with this flat bed frame

To make your own bed frame, you'll need sturdy untreated pallets (ones with wider slats are better), 4-6 legs or wheels, a saw, measuring tape, an electric sander or sandpaper, nails and an electric drill. You will need 4-6 pallets depending on the size of your mattress.

  1. Cut the pallets to fit your mattress -- this will involve taking apart parts of the pallet. Re-attach the slats after you've cut the pallets.
  2. Sand down the newly cut pallet. This step will require lots of patience and time.
  3. Flip the pallets, line them together and mark where the drill holes will be. Doing this will ensure that your bed frame is not uneven since some pallets may be higher than others.
  4. Drill the pallets together to create the bed frame.
  5. Paint or stain the bed frame, and seal in the colour with a sealant.
  6. Attach the legs or wheels to the bed frame. Attach one on each corner of the bed frame and then two in the middle for extra support.

By reusing wooden pallets, you will save money, get a new handy item and have something that is unique to everything else on the market. Get started today!

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