Top 5 secrets smart sellers will tell you about home renovations

October 16, 2014

With a little careful attention and planning, smart sellers will tell you that home renovations can pay off big by increasing the resale value of your home.

Top 5 secrets smart sellers will tell you about home renovations

Your house is an investment, and if you plan to sell your home it's only logical that you'd want to make the maximum return possible on the money you've put into it. So why not renovate with the resale value in mind? Here are their top five secrets to getting your asking price or more.

1. It's all about the bathrooms

Bathrooms are time and again cited as one of the most important rooms to home buyers. And why not? A cramped or crowded bathroom with little space and inadequate facilities can make a home a pretty miserable place to be. When you decide to renovate, take a long, critical look at the bathrooms in your home and decide how a new home buyer will see them. With a few upgrades, the value of your whole home will go up.

2. Kitchens also count

The only room in your home that rivals the bathroom in the mind of a home buyer is the kitchen. Much like bathrooms, good kitchens have plenty of space, updated hardware and are optimized for comfort. Be sure to update cabinets and counters as well, which can offer a stylish look that will complement your whole home and boost the potential buyer's interest.

3. Energy efficient windows add extra incentive

The new generation of home buyers is more environmentally conscious than ever, and it certainly doesn't hurt that a more energy efficient home is also less expensive to maintain. Installing newer, better windows and casements are an excellent and easy way to improve the overall appearance and value of your home, with the added incentive that the purchaser will be able to look forward to a lower heating and cooling bill.

4. Don't underestimate the curb appeal of a home's exterior

"Curb appeal" is a popular term for how attractive a home looks from the outside. Just like you would dress to impress for a job interview, so too is your home's exterior is going to make a dramatic impression the first time a potential buyer sees it. Make sure that impression is a good one by updating your home's siding and roofing.

5. Outdoor spaces encourage imagination

It's important to remember that your home isn't just made up of rooms — it also includes your front and backyard. Be creative in your outdoor projects. Gardening and good landscaping makes a difference, and if you're feeling truly ambitious you might consider adding a patio or deck to your property. By creating a home that's comfortable inside and out, you can dramatically increase your home's resale value.

Smart sellers know that with the right renovations you can turn an ordinary house into a highly desirable piece of property! Plan your renovations with the buyer in mind and you can expect to see some serious return on your investment.

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