Top 5 ways that sailing is good for your health

November 3, 2015

Sailing is one of the most fun things that you can do with your family and friends. There are few things more relaxing than waking up on a lovely summer morning, grab a cup of coffee and head out to sail the day away. While sailing is known to be a relaxing and enjoyable sport, many don't realize it has many health benefits. Here are the five best health benefits of regular sailing.

Top 5 ways that sailing is good for your health

1. Endurance and muscle strength

There is a lot more to sailing a boat than just getting in and turning the wheel. It takes real muscle strength and endurance to be able to hoist the sails and manoeuvre the boat through the deep waters of the ocean and lakes. All of this adds muscles to your back and shoulders, building you up in no time at all.

2. Wellness and mental strength

The relaxing nature of sailing in open water goes a long way to clearing the head of stress. In fact, psychological professionals have found fishing therapy to be greatly beneficial to patients diagnosed with mental illness. It will no doubt help you deal with the stress of everyday life.

3. Relaxation

Spending time in nature both is both relaxing and restorative to those dealing with stress or mental illness like anxiety and has been shown to effectively. Sailing is a great way to immerse yourself in nature and forget about daily responsibilities.

4. Concentration

Sailing has been known to increase concentration as well. The sport's immerse environment, peaceful setting and clear goals help reduce distractions and increase focus. Experience in sailing can lead to an enhanced ability to multi-task and concentrate on problems at hand.

5. Agility

Sailing requires the management of several tasks, from navigating to boat maintenance and paying close attention to the boat's instruments, in addition to water and weather conditions. Activities like pulling lines and hoisting sails can improve your eye and hand coordination quite a bit, as well.

These are just five of the ways that sailing can help to improve your health. From increasing your concentration, reducing stress and increasing your agility, you can count on sailing to benefit your everyday life.

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