Top 6 outdoor design and patio trends

November 3, 2015

Yards and outdoor spaces were once an afterthought for many homeowners – but not anymore. These six contemporary outdoor design trends are taking yards to new places.

Top 6 outdoor design and patio trends

1. Patio paver style

A simple grid pattern for patios and driveways has given way to much more intricate, artful designs.

  • A mandala, homeowner initials, an abstract flower or kaleidoscope pattern are just a few of the designs being incorporated by homeowners.
  • Interlocking and concrete pavers in oversized formats, plus a variety of tones and shapes, allow for easy delineation of space. Unexpected geometric patterns help to create a stunning outdoor decor element.

2. Juxtaposed materials

Outdoor patio designs are now also being enhanced via the mixing of two or more contrasting materials.

  • Today's patio areas, driveways, gardens, walkways and retaining walls are being created with combinations of stone, concrete, quartz, various metals and even different grains of wood.
  • For example, light coloured stone pavers with frames and/or accents made of contrasting dark metals or hardwoods can immediately add style and visual interest to an outdoor space.

3. Artful integration

Flower beds and vegetable gardens are no longer just tacked on to a yard's layout.

  • These days, garden areas are integrated seamlessly and deliberately with patios, pathways, retaining walls, decks and porches.
  • Patios that are created to curve organically and leave open spaces for gardens and flower beds will result in a more integrated look and feel of these elements on the property.

4. Environmental awareness

Although style and design are now priorities, homeowners are making landscaping decisions with an eye on the environment.

  • Eco-friendly materials are favoured as patios are now more likely to be paved with permeable pavers that assist with storm water drainage.
  • Using native plants, xeriscaping (landscaping in irrigation-mindful ways) and composting are just some of the ways yards and gardens can be made more eco-friendly.

5. The outdoor gourmet kitchen

Having just a gas grill on the patio isn't enough for some homeowners. These days, outdoor custom kitchens are in vogue.

  • These outdoor kitchens often feature built-in gourmet cooking stations, refrigerators, full bars and even brick pizza ovens for wood-fired pizzas at home.

6. A warm space year-round

With so many style upgrades, homeowners are also finding creative ways to extend the outdoor entertaining season.

  • Designer fire pits, outdoor brick fireplaces and innovative gas or electric heating systems can help keep the patio comfortable through the chillier fall months.
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