5 travel gadgets that will improve your next vacation

Get the most out of your next vacation experience with these travel gadgets.

5 travel gadgets that will improve your next vacation

1. Power packs

With more chargeable cameras and smartphones around, a supplementary power supply is a vital gadget to take on vacation. Some are solar powered, while others can be charged in a hotel using a universal plug. They work well with cell phones and laptops, so they are ideal for both business and leisure travellers.

2. E-readers

Having something to read is really handy for those delays in airports, relaxing days on the beach and train journeys. Books can be heavy to carry, but with a small e-reader, you have hundreds of books to choose from at your fingertips. The compact nature of these devices means they are easy to pack for a journey. Plus, they can have hours of battery power in them.

3. Waterproof MP3 player

Listening to your favourite music by the pool is a great way to chill out on vacation. But what if it gets wet or falls into the water? A waterproof MP3 player is perfect for beach trips or days by the pool. This gadget also comes with a strap to avoid losing it.

4. Steripen

Some vacation destinatons do not have safe drinking water, requiring you to purchase of bottled water. A Steripen is a gadget that is easy to pack and can sterilize water in seconds. This saves the bottled water expense and waste, and also helps avoid stomach upsets during the trip.

5. Re-Timer

Jet lag can be problematic on vacation, but the Re-Timer is a gadget that helps regulate circadian rhythms. The device is an odd looking pair of glasses that shines a green light. When this device is worn at specific times of the day, it helps regulate the body rhythm to normal, and relieves jet lag.

Gadgets are emerging on the market all the time and many are focused on the needs of the traveller. Why not give some a try to see how they can help with travel issues? Apart from saving space, they can also keep you healthy and refreshed - allowing you to fully enjoy your time on vacation.

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