7 top-notch ideas for maximizing the space under your stairs

December 4, 2014

Transforming any area into useful storage adds appeal and value to a property. Here are a few top-notch ideas to help you maximize the space under your stairs.

7 top-notch ideas for maximizing the space under your stairs

Uncovering potential additional storage area in the home often means getting a little creative with finding a space you can transform. One of the less obvious areas is under staircases. The next step is to decide what to do with it.

To help you, here are some top-notch ideas to help you maximize the potential of that unused space.

1. Create a secret storage

What better way to create a secret storage than utilizing the space underneath your stairs?

  • You can add built-in cabinets and drawers with matching hardware and paint to blend in with the rest of your home's interior.

2. Build a bookshelf

Who needs a library when the extra space under your stairs functions as a keepsake for all your favourite reads?

  • When planning your bookshelf project, consider a cubby-hole style or setting the shelves at varying heights and widths. You'll have room not just for books, but also for various home decor pieces.

3. Under-the-staircase pantry

If you happen to have a small kitchen and no more space for a pantry, you can create an under-stair storage just for this purpose.

  • Although larger homes often have the option to build floor-to-ceiling walk-in pantries, smaller living spaces don’t typically offer this luxury.

4. Create a home office or reading nook

The space underneath your stairs is a great option for creating a nook or small home office.

  • If your computer hardware doesn't take up too much space, tucked under the stairs could be perfect for working, creating a private reading space, or both.

5. Built-in entertainment centre

If there's enough space underneath your staircase, you can convert it into a home entertainment centre.

  • Build shelves and storage space for your flat-screen TV, audio and video equipment, and other items. With today's plethora of slim and compact home entertainment system options, you won’t need a lot of space under there to make this option work.

6. Create a wine display

If you've been dreaming of your own wine cellar but lack the budget and space, creating one underneath your stairs may be the next best solution.

  • Add shelving that will hold wine bottles in place to create a cellar effect.

7. Build a small powder room

If you’re really ambitious and want to leverage the space in a more unconventional way, consider a small powder room.

  • Designed properly, the space can be sufficient for a single person to use. By adding fixtures like a small vanity, toilet, mirror and lighting, the value of a home can be increased substantially.

As you can see, there are many creative options to consider when adding storage space under the stairs.

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